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Here is my second entry for this awesome game from @matkodurko.

This initiative is simple - what have I learned recently?
Over the past week I learned:

No. 1 - Signs of Arson

This was needed for one of my books.

Common Signs of Arson
• A large amount of damage
• No "V" burn pattern present, unsual burn patterns and high heat stress
• Lack of accidental causes
• Evidence of forced entry
• Absence of valuable items
• The same person shows up at unconnected fires
• Low burning point with unidentifiable point of origin
• Multiple points of origin
• Presence of accelerants
• Firefighters observe fire not acting normally
• Color of the smoke
• Damaged sprinkler systems
• Environmental modifications (cloth trails, propped windows)
• Suspicious behavior of property owner
(List from .)

No. 2 - Commonly Awarded Ranks in the UK

I looked this one up after hearing that Michael Palin was awarded the rank of Knight in this year's honour's list - he was previously awarded the CBE.

Companion of honour - Limited to 65 people. Recipients wear the initials CH after their name
Knight or Dame
CBE - Commander of the Order of the British Empire
OBE - Officer of the Order of the British Empire
MBE - Member of the Order of the British Empire
BEM - British Empire Medal

No. 3 - Expensive fireworks!

I watched the New Year's fireworks extravaganzas in London, Rio and New York, thanks to YouTube.

  • London - beautiful, elegant, set to music to the cost of £3.25 million (around $4 million.) It lasted 10 minutes and featured some fireworks I hadn't seen before.
  • Rio de Janeiro - robust, crazy, constant blast of fireworks for 15 minutes, costing around 25 million real (around $6.6 million.) The whole Copacabana Beach was crowded with people, many of whom went wading into the surf to let the water wash away the old year.
  • New York City - Times Square - crowded, ball-centered, unique fireworks. The actual fireworks, from what I could see, didn't last very long. I can't find any record of how expensive it was. Other than the ball, there wasn't much to recommend being squeezed with a million of your nearest and dearest. Honestly, I wasn't very impressed. I think Rio and London did a better job.

No. 4 - the Oche

Although I've watched darts for many years now, I had never quite understood this work, but when I covered the championship for you this week I finally understood the word "oche" - it's the toe line - or throw line, if you prefer.

(the "oche" or the throw line - source: Zimbio - used for educational purposes)

No. 5 - pork rinds are a Mexican treat - chicharróns

Read this cool article for more info. I think it's cool because it's also a good low-carb snack that I can get cheaply at the dollar store.

No. 6 - Name Jr. - how to punctuate!

This one is sort of weird, but books do that to you!
For a work-in-progress, I have two characters, Name Sr. and Name Jr. The question was whether they needed commas around the Jr. or Sr., or not. The answer seems to be: it depends on who you ask... So, I've settled with no commas unless it's needed for another reason.
Here's one of the articles I read about this.

I think that's going to be it this week. I learn lots during a given week, but don't always remember what it was. I had to go through my browser history to get half of this list, lol.

Even if you're not entering the contest (why not?) what have you learned this week?

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I realise I'm a person who loves surprises and variation so I hopped from pork crackling to arson with enthusiasm. I even read your source on Chicharrons.........interesting.
I must enter the competition..........not sure how but I will try.


lol - you must be a writer - or at least a discoverer... I find myself having to research bizarre things all the time.

I do encourage you to enter the competition. It's not hard, except for remembering things you've been learning - though you could always cheat and make it the excuse to look up some weird things you've always wanted to know!

Oh, and yes - I see you are a writer. I need to follow more closely.