Sources of Expensive Musk

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One of the most expensive and valuable components of perfume is musk. At the same time, it is also the most mysterious ingredient. And there are two of them - it is musk and amber.

Of course, in order to use it in a perfume or eau de toilette, it is treated in a certain way, after which it acquires the noble smell that distinguishes good perfume from the rest.
There is it in the production of leading perfume manufacturers. Many well-known brands can be praised for the presence of precious musk, and that is how it can be called.

Where does musk come from? Many probably know that musk produces a special gland of the animal called musk deer. This is a small, ridiculously fanged deer (and despite the fact that the musk deer is a herbivorous animal, the Creator awarded it with fangs that protrude far beyond the oral cavity).


Only males of musk deer have iron producing musk and, of course, it serves to attract females during the mating period.

Musk deer is one of the animals that is difficult to train, the process of domestication of this animal lasts for more than one century. In the USSR, musk deer was tamed in reserves and even had a result, but the conditions for captive breeding should have been close to the natural. The musk deer is too shy animal and the distance a person can reach is very large, about 20 meters and more.



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