How can I raise my children?

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How can I raise my children?

Yes God is on many slaves, and he is the birth of children, God reminded us that in his holy book, where he said: "Money and children adorn the life of this world," God's great sincerity. In this verse, God gives us the great gift of children to whom God honored them with this grace. It is the duty of every father and mother to provide them with sons or daughters with great care. They are trustworthy in their necks, and they are a treasure that many hope and dream for many. Allah has not provided us with them in vain or play. :

  • First, we have to be good role models for our children. We do not tell them not to do anything, and we assure them that it is wrong. Then we do it. We must always feel the importance of what we tell them to do or to move away from what we say to them. Because his parents are a woman, a slave and a servant.

  • The second thing that the parents must do is to keep away from beatings and excessive cruelty, because it often comes only as opposed to what is desirable, for mercy is required in all matters, even if the fault of the son is great, whether he is a boy or a girl.

  • It is very necessary and important to not discriminate between them because discrimination is harmful to the child's psychology, and even may cause him a complex that will continue with him throughout his life. Equality in treatment gives the child some reassurance and makes him a productive person in his youth and grandeur.

  • We must not lose sight of the values, good principles and good relations that we must instill in the hearts of our children since they are young, because they are the ones who play all roles in their lives, and because what they have grown up from since their youth is the right thing but the right thing in their eyes. So that if we do not plant the right and the good in them, then we have contributed to the destruction of their lives, and we will be accountable to God in this failure.

  • From the beginning of their lives as the first process of education for them, we must choose a good name for them, with a benign meaning and a sense of pride. They realize that their parents are keen on their proper upbringing since their very first day in this life.

  • Our children do not need educators and servants; they need our affection, our love, our compassion and our interest, so we have to give enough time to listen to them, let them know their worries and dreams, and even if we do not have the time, the mere question and time gives them comfort and safety. And feel that they have a bond standing with them, and protects and defends them.

  • In order to build a strong personality that can withstand the pain and pain of life, we must make them participate in the crucial decisions of our lives, so that they have a strong personality and decision-making, because not to leave them will lead them to lose their lives in the future.

The children are the blessing that many people can not afford, and they consider it a curse, even if they are denied the right to return to the country in search of treatment. Therefore, you - the dear parents - must preserve and appreciate them and not neglect them no matter what happens.

By: Basel Helo


You can do u best , but the power , blessing is at the hand of God.

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