Why Big Oil Conquered The World , MUST WATCH for the sake of your children

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James Corbett is without a doubt one of the best and most accessible researchers out there , and this is possibly some of his very best work ,addressing an issue of utmost importance , and the huge deception behind the seemingly beneficial and altruistic green movements and sustainable development programmes formally known as  agenda for the 21st century and the eugenics movement amongst others 

often within the truth movement our one strength is pointed out as our numbers as the " elite " are very small in numbers ,so we should be aware this issue is their top priority , you may already be aware of plummeting fertility rates and massive increases in cancer and other causes of early death , but let James fit it all into the bigger picture and the players behind it 

this is essential knowledge to counteract the incessant propaganda , much of it directed towards your children 

please watch and recommend to others , this knowledge will sit in your brain and help you to reconise the true motives behind so many catch phrases and seemingly reasonable agendas