5 Words to Get You (Almost) Anywhere in Indonesia

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All the same, if you’re thinking of getting off the beaten track in Indonesia, you’ll need a basic vocabulary.
These words will give you what you need to know.

  • Ada
    Is there…? Do you have…? There is… I have….

This word is usually used to request things. Just stick the name of what you’re after onto it. “Ada kamar?” “Do you have a room?” “Ada.” “I do.”

  • Bisa
    Is it possible…? Can you…? Can I…? It’s
    possible…. I can…. You can…

If u want to use this word, use it when you want to do something, or find out whether someone can do something for you. “Bisa temani saya ke pantai ?” “Can you [go] with me to the beach?”

  • Ya
    Yes. Yeah?

This is an interrogative word that used on the end of questions, like the London “innit?” or “yeah?” or West Coast “y’know?”

  • Tidak
    No. Not.

Indonesian people know two negatives word, and this one is always understood. You can use it to mean “no” or a “not”. “Tidak bisa.” “It’s not possible.” “Habis?” “Have you finished?” “Tidak.” “No.”

  • Selamat
    This word usually used to make formal greetings: “Selamat pagi”: “Good morning.” “Selamat siang“: “Good day.” “Selamat malam“: “Good evening”. “Selamat jalan“: “Safe journey!” (Goodbye). You can also use it to ask if, for example, it’s safe to leave your bags somewhere.

And still many words that indonesian people use it often, but i'll post it later.

Thank you/ Terimakasih.


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