Most egregious Flat Earth claim - Gravity is simply buoyancy & density - Debunked

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First of all, buoyancy depends on gravity. If there is no gravity, there can be no such phenomenon as buoyancy. Look up the definition of buoyancy on Wikipedia or search buoyancy NASA on google, if you don’t believe it.

If gravity is simply buoyancy and density then why does hot air rise and not go down instead, or sideways? I’ll tell you why. Because we live in an environment where there is a downward force acting on things based on their mass. This can be experimentally verified and it does not depend on assuming the earth is a sphere. If I put 5 apples in a grocery scale I will get a certain weight (force). If I put an additional 5 apples of about the same size in the scale, the scale will register about twice the weight. So the force known as buoyancy depends on this downward force proportional to mass. This is why the deeper you go in a body of water the more pressure there is. This is why the higher you go in the atmosphere the less pressure there is.

Liquid water is nearly incompressible, so its density does not change much as you go deeper. In contrast, the atmosphere is made up of a mixture of gases, and they are very much compressible. So as you go up in the atmosphere, with the decreasing pressure the gaseous mixture becomes thinner or less dense because it is becoming less compressed.

If a mass of air were of the same temperature as the surrounding air, it would not tend to go up or down, because the upward forces around it based on decreasing pressure with altitude are balanced by the downward forces upon it based up its mass. But if the air were hotter than its surrounding air, its density would be less so that the downward force based on its mass would be less than the upward force due to decreasing pressure with altitude so the resulting balance of forces would cause it to rise. This is how a hot air balloon works.

Interestingly, forces greater than 1 g (i.e. 1 earth’s gravity) acting upon masses and proportional to mass can be artificially produced mechanically with centrifuges, or in an airplane in a steep coordinated turn, where a very steep turn may be alternately referred to as a high g turn, or pulling many g’s.


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First of all, buoyancy depends on gravity.

No, it depends on density and mass. You didn't debunk anything here.

Density and mass are properties of objects, they are not forces that move objects. Saying density moves objects is like saying that color can be substituted for gravity. Movement requires a force, and gravity specifically requires a force going towards the earth.

What is the FORCE that makes objects accelerate towards the earth that we describe as gravity? Please be specific and provide the experimental proof.

When did I say density moves objects? Please reread my last response.

Yes, I read it. You didn't say density moves objects, but you are denying gravity, which implies it. I know the argument well. Deny gravity, replace it with nothing. Say 'density and buoyancy' are the cause of things falling, which explains nothing and still requires a force.

If that were ever proven it would then no longer be the Theory of Gravity. You could call it the Law of Gravity without being wrong. On that day I will tip my hat to you.

As you must be to be a flat earther, you are proving your scientific illiteracy and inability to fact check. I'm sorry, but your statement is false and you should probably go learn these scientific concepts before you state nonsense that makes you look silly. (PS: we have the law of gravitation and the theory of gravity).

Today's scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality.
Some Guy

So in addition to dishonest and lazy I am also stupid and illiterate? What facts should I check?

What facts should you check? YOu discussed THEORIES becoming FACTS when they are proven. That statement is incorrect, as I pointed out.

Do you not think you should understand what theories and facts ARE before making such statements?

And you said, "Today's scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality."

Another strawman. WHICH facts have no relation to reality that I HAVE MENTIONED or that relate to the globe and disprove it to be true? Be specific and show your work.

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