Corruption, its causes and eradication not a one man Business

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🌼Corruption is defined as the abnormal behaviour done by an individual which could affect the standards and development of an organization, societies, Company, state or country.....

The fact remains that not only a politician stealing public fund are corrupt, for example collecting money from a particular school as an invigilator or supervisor is another forms of corruption same as individuals involving in child abuse, money laundering, bribery, and child trafficking e. t. c

Corruption is not stipulated to any individual, as it can be caused by anyone even the so called non-stakeholder,traditional and religious leaders are subjected to corruption

💥Forms of corruption includes


🌼child trafficking

🌼public fund looting



🌼child abuse....e.t.c


💥Here are the causes of corruption

🌼Bad leadership......

when the HEAD is bad the whole body is of no use.The most common form of corruption is caused by our leader such as the politicians, pastors, alfas, obas and emirs, provost, rectors, vice chancellors just to mention few

🌼unecouraging salaray scale.....

In an organisation or societies where the salary of a worker are poor it opens their minds to bribery...that's why pressure are mounted in the stakeholders and the government officials of Nigerian government to increase their minimum wage


There is a saying that Says corruption is a disease, not only a disease it is a disaster... That's why you will see many citizens collecting money from a politician during the electioneering period... This act is common to Africans


many people don't understand their right from their leaders which have been affecting the account of their hardworking and stewardship

🌼No or fake law...... In a country where there is no law, or where their law is controlled by the corrupt souls,,,, there will be more Curruption in such country...for example when the functions of EFCC, ICPC OPC and other police officers are not effective and efficient..

💥solution to curruption

🌼Massive action...

🌼Legal action

🌼voting for honestand God fearing leader

🌼exchange of bible to OGUN, SANGO, OBATALA for the politicians as a means of swearing in process

🌼an enlightened and eye-opening campaign

🌼transparency and accountability

🌼well payed empolyment opportunities

🌼creation of new and effective anti-curruption team

🌼curriculum restructuring

These will be an eye opening to everyone that corruption isn't only caused by the politicians and every members of a country have a role to play if they are to eradicate corruption....

Let join hands together to resuscitate and make our nation great

God bless our nation

Thanks for reading


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This is funny for the politicians.
They know God of Bible and Quran don't fight instantly.


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