Learning Swift - First code challenge completed!

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Udemy, the learning platform where people can purchase video tutorials, had a Summer sale last week and I couldn't resist to buy the IOS11 - Swift - The complete iOS Developer Bootcamp online course since I was always interested in learning mobile app development.

After I completed the first few Lessons I got to the the challenge section where students had to create an "Magic EightBall App".
The concept is simple, there are a few standard answers like Yes, No, I don't know which will be randomly displayed after the user either presses a Button or shakes the device.

App by tarekadam.png Picture of App running on my iPad

All image assets could be downloaded from the instructor side which saved a lot of time since I could dive directly into linking the images to the code and write the logic.

Linking assets to the code in Xcode is very easy, all you need to do is to press the CTRL key and drag the Image or Button into the code window. Once the Image place holder and button is linked you can can use them in your code. To make it more interesting, we had to generate a random number that will be used as the image index number, so that every time a new image is used from the image Array. We also had to add a "shake" function that will run the update image function one the shake motion is complete.

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 14.22.11.png
screenshot of storyboard view and linked code

Even though this is a very simple app, I am very proud of it and are determined to continue to learn more so that I can build more complicated apps in the near future. In order to track my progress and push myself to continue learning, I plan to write a steemit post every week that shows the progress I made with Swift and mobile development. The ultimate goal is to produce an app one day that will make use of the STEEM and / or EOS blockchain.

All the best!


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The main thing is that you have a desire. It will help to get joy from its implementation.


I definitely enjoy it!

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Great post. Once thing I've learned in life is "Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs."


I love it, good quote!

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Excellent learning is always great and learning coding comes handy anyday anytime :) keep learning and sharing


Will do, thanks!

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Thank you. Partiko and esteem are definitely an inspiration to learn mobile app development.

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@tarekadam, Good to hear that you are learning the coding of Mobile Applications and good luck.

And in my opinion there is nothing small or big, every accomplishment boost our spirit and give that push for the next Task.

And good luck for your thoughts and i hope and wish that you will going to develop an Mobile Application which will going to bring the effective usability.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Good luck with your work and with the coding of Mobile Applications!