Should student evaluate teachers?

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Having a good education system is one of the biggest issues in every country. What should teacher do to teach well? It is also a great question for educational specialist. One of aspect to answer this question is evaluation of teacher from students. Some people assert that students should evaluate their teachers, while many others argue that students should not do that. As former student, I absolutely agree that students should not evaluate their teachers for many reasons.
Firstly, teenagers are not mature enough for such critical evaluation. As you may know, part of brain has not yet developed full of functions like preparing, critical thinking, evaluating, anticipating, etc at adolescence age. That is why childrens can not make decision in right way at that time. Most decisions are made by students from 14 to 16 age that are based on their emotions. For example, kids who hate their teachers would rate teachers unfarely althought she or he may be a good teacher. Also it goes the same way if someone loves the teachers they would say that they are the best teacher.
Secondly, an ethical tradition does not allow adolescents the opportunity to evaluate authority. In my country, childrens believe that rating teachers are wrong because our tradition is that students have to respect teachers who gave them knowledge. This lead to that evaluation of teacher has no meaning.
Finally, students are not trained to evaluate their teachers properly. In their understanding, a good teacher is the one who gives them high marks and doesn't give any homework, etc. For me, when I was a child, no one teachs me how a good teacher is. I hate a teacher who is strict, follows the rules. And if I have a opportunity to rate teachers, it will be a way of "getting back" at the teacher.
Even so, some others agree that the students should evaluate their teachers. Opponents encourage student to express their opinion on their teachers, this way makes students more thoughtful and confident. But they do not think that relationship between teacher will be broken up if children have negative feedback to someone who gave them a favor. For instance, in recent news one teacher kept silent during a semester in Ho Chi Minh city because a student reacted strongly to her words at school where she had taught. Therefore the students should not be able to rate their teachers.
To sum up, I think that evaluation of teachers by their students will bring negative results for students as well as teachers. Studies show that student are not enough ability to rate their teachers and they may judge the teachers by using their subjectively view.

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