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Someone asked me last night if sex is a show of love and I gave her nice response which I will like to share with steemians.


Having sex with your partner doesn't make him add to the love he has for you or hate you. If a guy had sex with you and later leave you, it's not because of the sex he left, He didn't plan to stay before, you are not in his plans, he just sees you as an opportunity or as a toy to play with.
Premarital sex in the name of saving relationship is not good according to our culture, Yoruba. Sex is just an addon in any relationship. The mindset of both partners is the most important thing.
Can I plan my future with her/him??? Are we compatible??? Is he/she someone of my dream??? and so on should be what we should ask ourselves before jumping into any relationship.
The pivot of all relationships is love, anything asides that is ephemeral. Despite the fact love is the foundation of any happy and good relationship, love is not enough. Partners must work or strive for the love to work and to give them seemingly perfect relationship.
Always have this at the back of your mind, too much misunderstanding between lovers will surely make the relationship collapse. Fight today, fight tomorrow will not allow the relationship to stand, or can you build on a foundation that shake always??? No!
These are things you should do in other to have a balanced relationship.


1. Believe all relationships have ups and downs: There is no relationship under the sky that doesn't have it's moments, either good or bad. When you know this, you will be prepared for anything in the relationship.
2. Appreciation: You should learn to appreciate your partner anytime he/she do anything for you. It's one of the important thing to do in a relationship. A relationship lacking "thank you" is likely to crumble at the long run because a partner will seems devalued if he/she did something and it wasn't appreciated.
3. Give her a sense of belonging: When making decisions about the future, always reckon with her opinions and ideas too. Do not ignore her, let her feel she is part of the decision makers.
4. Focus on the positive: Take your time to forget those negative things he/she did and focus solely on those good things he did. Forgive her for her wrong doings easily, forget them and move on. Like my first point, all relationships have its ups and downs but the ability to forget the downs and focus on the ups makes a relationship stronger.
5. Issue of disagreement: Having disagreement is not an issue but how do you handle disagreement??? Disagreement can come anytime without prior notice but the way we handle them reveal who we really are, what we are really made of. Disagreement do happen due to variation in opinions and be sure to reach a compromise after the disagreement, am not taking of a compromise to neglect your partner, am talking of a compromise to solve or settle the disagreement.
6. Care: Taking care or caring for one's partner is very essential and partners must try their best to do that. Caring in the form of money, food, checking-on e.t.c. Not all lovers do this, but it's important not to neglect.


Our relationship with our partners is very important and we must not forget any of the above listed points. Thanks


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As I was going through your piece, it really boost my commitment to my relationship more. Kudos to you