Perception | A complete concept of perception

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The term perception has been arrived from the word 'perceive' i.e., to take it mentally ( How much you are aware with the help of sense organs ). Perception is the process by which we with the help of sensory organs select, organize & interprete the object, person, process available in physical or social world. 

In other words, perception is the way through which we see the world.


Importance of perception ->

  • With the help of perception we use to observe, study & interperate the fast changing complex environment through perceptual consistencies. Consistency refer to the ability of we people to see the object in constant manner despite being dynamic in nature.

Process of formation of perception ->

  1. Perceptual input through stimuli.
  2. Perceptual mechanism.
  3. Perceptual Output.
  4. Behavioral pattern.

Factors that affect perception ->

Factors or Percival -

  • Attitude 
  • Motive
  • Interest
  • Experience 
  • Expectation 

 Factors of object -

  • Background 
  • Motive
  • Novelty
  • Occupation
  • Proximity
  • Physical appearance 
  • Physical characteristics
  • Size, sound
  • Verbal & non verbal communication

Environment / Situation -

  • Social
  • Location
  • Organisation
  • Opportunity 
  •  Time
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