Does an Expensive or Elite school Guarantee a child a Better Future?

in education •  2 years ago 

Many or most people in my country believe that expensive and elite education helps kids get well-paying jobs as adult” But is this actually True?
To me is not maybe I’d say the school one attend is very unlikely to impact how much will one make as an Adult, I have couple of friends and distance cousins who attended expensive schools who can’t really show anything for it. In my own opinion I’d say getting or securing a brighter future lies in our own very hand.

Although, I totally agree that going that going to an expensive school or having an elite education will be an added advantage but it’s not really guaranteed 100% good future.

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It very much depends, having an elite education often means making life long connections as well as receiving an excellent educational experience. These connections can often launch you into a career that would otherwise be unreachable, or at least take a very long time to attain.
Ultimately, you make your own future, your education depends entirely on yourself. The time investment required needs to be paid by all and as a result you as an individual is empowered with new level of confidence and the ability to handle bigger problems.

I totally agree with you @ravz50... well said