Contest #4 💙 WIN STEEM & learn more about Steem Ecosystem!

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We invite everyone who wants to know more about Steem Ecosystem to have fun!
If you are new on Steem Blockchain, this contest will allow you to mix business with pleasure! 😉 So let's broaden our knowledge and win some STEEM!

We will reward 3 Steemians and in the prize pool we have 6 STEEM!

You can take part in the contest in 3 simple steps:

👉 1. Follow the @mysteempl profile because you will find here the answers to the contest questions. 🙂
👉 2. Resteem this post! In this way you will promote knowledge about the Steem ecosystem!
👉 3. Answer the contest question in the comment below this post. ⤵

🔹 Contest question #4:

You want to buy STEEM on the Market. What fields do you need to fill in before you click on the BUY STEEM button?

👉 You will find a hint in THIS post on @mysteempl profile.

We will reward three users who will give the best, correct and complete answer!
The results will be announced on a @see-it-feel-it profile!

Good luck & have fun!

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But personally I've never used Internal market. I've used @blocktrades for buying Steem, Powering up my Steem through converting SBD into Steem Power.

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You must be confirm that you are in orginal site. Put you active key safe way. Buy steem from blocktrade us safe and use app.busy for any kind of transiticon.
You also carefull about current market steem 1.price 2.amount

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