Contest #2 💙 WIN STEEM & learn more about Steem Ecosystem!

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We invite everyone who wants to know more about Steem Ecosystem to have fun!
If you are new on Steem Blockchain, this contest will allow you to mix business with pleasure! 😉

We will reward 3 Steemians and in the prize pool we have 6 STEEM!

You can take part in the contest in 2 simple steps:

1. Follow the @mysteempl profile because you will find here the answers to the contest questions. 🙂
2. Answer the contest question in the comment below this post. ⤵

🔹 Contest question #2:

What is the best time to make Power Up?

👉 You will find a hint in this post: How you can make Power Up and why it is worth to do this! on @mysteempl profile.

We will reward three Steemians who as first will give a correct and complete answer!
The results will be announced on a @see-it-feel-it profile!

Good luck & have fun!

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The best time to power up is when the Steem price is low. The more Steem power you have, the more your vote is worth and you can reward yourself or other's with a higher vote value. Also, your curation rewards will also increase. But as a personal rule, with my vote value being low, I never upvote myself. I try to use my 10 upvotes a day, for quality content.

I think that the right answer is when Steem has a low value. In this way we can convert the same SP with less number of tokens.
This is a good method to optimize our growth on this Blockchain. So in my opinion this is probably a very good period during which we can make Power Up and surely last 4 months has been great for this goal.
If we have more SP we have greater earnings from Curation and we can create more contents (post/comments) without less RC limitations.

Thank you @mysteempl for your educational project!!!☺️👍

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When the Steem price more low is the best time to make Power Up and you can have more Steem power.

In my opinion this is situational question and powering up comes under situational category. And when we want to study the situation, most of the times there is no perfect definition for it because it's an Individual perspective what is the best time. There are many cases like below which is included in situational category.

(1) Investor who is long Term Hodlers.

(2) Coin collector who just want to expand Steem Power.

(3) Want to invest but don't have money.

(4) Don't have money to invest but putting efforts in Engagement and converting rewards into Steem Power.

(5) Don't have enough money to invest, but investing time and efforts, in return getting effective rewards and want to invest liquid rewards as Steem Power but withdrawing liquid rewards to go through from the expenses.

So, in my opinion all these are situational scenarios.

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