STEEMIT UYO MEET-UP / REACHOUT ~ special reachout to university students

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The Beginning

two months ago the first steemit uyo meet up was announced and the expected attendance was 50 steemians from around akwa ibom State and Cross River state.

After two weeks of planning for steemit reach out uyo, We couldn't execute our plans because of the strike embarked by the the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) in August 2017.


The strike is over now and school has resumed in our target university (University of Uyo)
which has over 10,000 students


Our Aim

Our aim is to give the students In South South Nigeria a clearer understanding of what BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY is and its use in different areas of our lives.

We already know there is currently no school in Nigeria as a whole that offers any form of BLOCKCHAIN EDUCATION .

this Meet-up/ Reachout will strategically position the students in South south nigeria, starting from University of uyo to prepare for the future which the Nigerian University hasn't prepared them for.

Our Target Reach

We initially thought we could just register 4000 students from university of uyo before January and 100,000 students from South south nigeria before January 2018.

But we noticed that telling people about steemit and not properly teaching them the core values of steemit will only get them registered but they might not stay.

So That target has been changed from 4000 to 500 active users from university of uyo and from 100,000 to 10,000 active users from South south before January 2018.

It will be easier to train smaller amount of people and then train those small amount of people to train others.

Each day about 10 people will be mentored by @ogochukwu in a special mentorship program organized under @bluewaves headed by @ogochukwu (mentor). This program has already started mentoring some people.




Contact me via steemit chat to join the mentorship program.

@stach in Uyo


The Steem Accelerator Hub, (STACH) is an accelerator planned with Nigerians in mind as a particular target and newbies in general. Like any thriving hub, STACH is concerned with offering first the one thing that is lacking in the Nigerian and African Steemit space-- an Education, and then Collaboration.

@Stach has been spreading steemit around the city of Port Harcourt in Rivers state and has created a huge offline steem center.

Steemit Uyo Community is ready to welcome @stach to uyo soon. The first meeting with @ejemai (main chief behind stach) will hold anytime soon.

Our Team

The following steemians have been working tirelessly to ensure this goal is achieved.

@evelyniroh @samuelwaelth @samstickkz @ishotz @discreetsaint @xpressng
@mritsnobigdeal @xpressng and @ifioklee @darkerhorse @emem @enoye
@fortune-inyang @vwovwe


We currently have support from @ogochukwu @bluewaves @stach @tojukaka @ajulu @ewuoso @amec @lemmybe @discreetsaint @xpressng @misterakpan @ogowinner


@ogochukwu @ogowinner

Date and time for the Meet-up / Reachout

Steemit Uyo meet up / Reachout will hold on the 11th of November 2018


Currently we've put some monies together to

  1. print 4000 fliers

  2. Two big Banners

  3. 10 steemit t-shirts

We believe in the future of steemit and we know meeting over 4000 students is possible and making at least 500 active is also very possible.

Please if you're in Uyo and you'll love to be a part of this movement, kindly chat me up via steemit chat let's strategies for the future.



Wooow! This is great . i wish u all the best but there should be a way for those who are not in uyo to participate now. Issoryt.. for now i will just upvote and resteem as a way of supporting the initiative. Kudos to all the mentorship team.

There is boss, I'll message you via steemit chat

Dope! This initiative is really a great one. @samstickkz please keep me updated, I am in full time.

@samstickkz we are ready to do this🙌🙌

Awesome! @samstickkz, I was part of the @stach Heritage Campaign in portharcourt last weekend. Glad to see its happening in campuses in my state too...
I can't wait to take it to my school upon resumption.
Supported!. You can also check out my blog to view my latest post on the Stach Heritage campaign. It was da bomb! Hoping yours would be too. Since this is happening close to where I school and in my own state, I'll be willing to help in any way I can.
Keep sharing.

Wow, which campus is that

Its a welcomed initiative.... We are with you sir

Yes we'll achieve this

Waoooooow I can't wait

Hello @samstickkz

This is a very amazing Initiative, I am glad that you have brought up an initiative like this, it shows that you have the concern of youths at heart.

Bringing Steemit fully to Nigeria is not a One Man Job and we all have different roles and responsibilities, I am glad you have found an area to help support the vision with.


Nice one our [email protected].
Will be the life an in full flesh

Thank you sir.

Thanks to @bluewaves for the opportunity to serve my country in a bigger capacity

Wow, this is great, i wish am around uyo...i for show..
But it a nice idea

You can arrange one in any school near you

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Steemit reach out in my state?

@samstickkz this is a good step.
How I wish am in Uyo.
This will go a long way to intimate people about this platform.

Oh, you can still participate online

Alright bro...

This is great. Keep steeming!!!

you are doing a good job,well done bro

Thanks I'm grateful

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