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No matter how good of a student you are, studying can get pretty much boring and to some extent, painful at one point. Some students even start losing focus after some time of studying on the same topic over and over again. I have passed out now but when I recall my exam time, I remember that the more time I spent on it, the more I would get distracted and lost. It was after a very long time that I discovered that I would go blank after some time because my brain needed a break, just like in office. When I know I have to be creative and productive, I take short breaks to relax my mind and to let it focus better. This is just of the hacks that have helped me throughout my student life as well. There are many other tricks out there that ensure smart planning of your study hours to let you secure better and understand your topic well.


Change the places of Study
The library might be a good place to gather study material and study in the peaceful and quiet environment. However, when you are trying to understand something and learn it by heart, staying at one place for a long time is not recommended. The reason is that you brain sensors find a connection with the location you are at and as soon as you change the place, there is a chance that you might go blank. You can try coffee shops, local parks, college canteen, your terrace or even a hospital. You might notice that some locations offer efficient learning so you can revisit them but don’t stick to those places only.


Stay present in the class
During my time of being a student, I was always very particular about attending my classes. I have to give the credit to my mom because she would never, I repeat, NEVER allow e to take an off if I ever even wanted to. So with time, I started liking attending lectures and taking notes. it made me understand better and I remember that everything I learned in class would stay with me for a long time, if not forever and it was much more fun to go through the topic later before exams.


Manage your time well
This is one of the most obvious advices to follow and anything you do in life needs this. I am talking about time management. A lot of the students leave it to the last day and spend their whole day memorizing and understanding different topics at a time and it all only jumbles up resulting in a blank state of mind at the time of the exam. vIe has been through it a lot. I have to admit that I am not very good with time management but I keep trying to manage it well with every experience. When it comes to studying, the best way is to cover up the topics gradually well before the exam season. It will not only stay in your mind but also save you from the confusion n and anxiety later.


Revise the topic on the same day
Like I said, attending classes is very important. What further compliments the process is revising it once or just going through it the same day after getting home. Trust me, you might get lazy at that time but it will stick to your mind for the longest time! In fact, it is one of the best ways to truly understand the concept.


Set a Goal
Set small goal so that you stay motivated. It is a useful trick for almost everything you do. Once you set a goal and achieve it, reward yourself with something good. This will keep you going in the future as well. However, what is important is that you take your deadlines seriously really work to achieve your aim. These aims can be understanding a topic within a short deadline or writing down important points that you have extracted from it and then going through them to check if they make sense. If they do, you know you have done a good job!


Exercise to fight Anxiety and Stay Active
Some people get annoyed by the idea of finding exercise as a part of a solution to almost everything! The fact is that it has been not only scientifically proven to bring down your stress level but it has also been tried and tested by so many people out there! Just give exercise some time of your day daily and observe how it increases your productivity and overall energy level.


Last but not the least, once you feel you have covered and understood a topic well, give yourself a test and check it for yourself!


We learn all our life, from childhood to deep old age. Playing the guitar, new software, raising a child - the human brain constantly absorbs new information, though, it happens with different speeds. In childhood, information is acquired very quickly, but the older we become, the harder it is to learn. Your article is quite helpful, especially for those who struggle a lot with studies. One important tool, rarely adopted, is meditation which I feel helps a lot to focus.

Interesantes consejos sin embargo, destacaría también la importancia de conocer sobre los estilos de aprendizajes. Cada persona es única y posee sus propios estilos de aprendizajes es decir, esos rasgos cognitivos, fisiológicos y afectivos con los cuales percibimos el contexto que nos rodea. Mencionas aquí sobre la importancia de "hacer ejercicios para luchar contra la ansiedad", particularmente evitaría mencionar la palabra "lucha" porque me refiere a un enfrentamiento con algo alguien, los ejercicios cerebrales son claves para el desarrollo de técnicas de estudios. Les dejo una evidencia fotográfica interesante. be.jpg

Studying in parks are really beneficial because fresh air helps a lot of focus and concentration.

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thanks for sharing

This is a great post. I like it.
However, one really important point that I often ask to myself is how to set high motivation and maintain it for long period of time. It's not easy, I think, to stay up motivated all the time. Many gets down and demotivated over small event of life.

What would you think the tricks in maintaining high motivation?

Really good tips, great post! I've also used most of these, and noticed that they're really effective. For example, if I'm studying for a test, I study in the morning/afternoon, and quickly revise the topic before going to bed, it works so well.

I also try to use as many different learning styles as possible, I feel that leaves me the best memory trace possible. Therefore, I go to lectures to listen, I write short notes, draw pictures if possible, and discuss about the topics I'm studying with other people, remembering that revising is super important as well. :)

Do you think the youth should use websites as a reliable source or knowledge?

Planning makes good habit for the study, your tips are very assertive. The most important thing is to prioritize which matter you must dedicate more time, without leaving aside the others.
As well as a schedule of classes, you must organize a study schedule, it is important to know what material you will see in the next class to make a review, and for the time that the teacher explain it, you have knowledge to make some freight or easier enteender information.