Is it possible to have sex during pregnancy?

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According to research published in the Canadian Medical Journal Association Journal, doctors pregnant women are advised and their partners to have sex as they wish with the exception of cases of pregnancy is unstable. In such cases, sexual intercourse may carry some risk but the evidence remains so limited.

"Sexuality during pregnancy is normal, and there are few contraindications to having sex during an unstable pregnancy, so these conditions should be reassured," the researchers say.

Partners often fear that a sexual relationship can cause premature birth or harm the fetus.

Researchers from Mount Sinai Hospital and the University of Toronto conducted research and found there was no cause for concern unless the pregnancy was unstable from the start.

Even in these cases we still need more research, because research that says that sex causes premature birth is still few and contradictory.

Due to the risk of some complications that may occur as a result of sex in the case of unstable pregnancy, the partners recommend to stay away from sex despite the weakness of evidence.

The partners should therefore consult with doctors about their medical situation.

Unstable pregnancies that impede sex include:

Premature birth:

Women who have more than one fetus or have a history of early birth may be at risk of premature birth when having sex.

Pelvic inflammatory disease:

It is any infection of the uterus or fallopian tubes or other genitalia.

This disease can occur as a result of sexually transmitted infections such as chlamydia. Pregnancy can also occur during pregnancy, so the fetus must be safe.

Placenta placenta:

In this case, the placenta grows near the cervix.

In theory, the penis, finger or sex toys can cause placental bleeding, so it is advisable to stop having sex in this case.

Vortex airway:

A woman must be sure that her partner does not breathe air into her vagina during oral sex, as this air may reach the bloodstream of her vaginal vessel.

This may be fatal to the mother and fetus.

But this is rare. A 1998 study in the Postgraduate Medical Journal found that 18 airway deaths occurred in 20 million pregnancies.

Another study, published in 2007 in Resuscitation, showed that airway bronchodilation was only 22 cases, 19 of which occurred during pregnancy.

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