Lesson for Today: Days of the Week

in #education4 years ago

I started teaching my daughter last February. And so far, we went through a lot. She's learned how to write, she's starting to read simple sentences and now, we're moving to another lesson. Days of the week.

Whenever I introduce something new to her, I precondition her mind with the topic. I had her watch Storybots episode about the days of the week, the kiddie cartoons she sees are mostly about the days of the week.

One of my favorite authors say that media is also another form of influence for our children. And I'm using that to my advantage. (I taught her bout the virus with the help of Storybots.)

Anyways, to make our study time a lot more fun later, I prepared our learning materials. I used her used milk cartons to make cards with the days of the week. I added some colors to hel catch her attention.

We could use these to also track what day it is since we always tend to forget what day it is already with the quarantine and all.

I hope she learns something new today. Wish me luck!

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