I'm Offended By Theft!

in #education6 years ago

Teachers are mad, and I get it… Injustice pisses everyone off. But, instead of demanding an audit of where education funds are disappearing to, instead of demanding the six-figure salaries of superintendents go to the ones who are actually doing the work, instead of throwing off all of the administrators that keep their hands tied and create hoops for them to jump through, they aim their sights once again at the tax payer. My family and I will pay for the mismanagement, waste, corruption and lack of accountability this dysfunctional socialistic system is caught up in, and the teachers approve as long as they get a raise. Is that fair to me? Is that justice? How angry should I be?

Even if pay is increased, the problems are still there. They’ve solved absolutely nothing as to why the pay sucks in the first place, and they’ll be right back to walking out in another five years (dipping into our pockets again) because the system is the problem. It’s not a money problem. Fifty-one percent of our entire state budget goes to education. How much is ENOUGH? What those useless, bloodsucking ticks at the top do with all that money is the problem. There’s your fight. Why isn’t that the focus? Why aren’t teachers mad at them? …

It is a shame that [teachers] are only focusing on getting more money, rather than taking down and fixing this top-heavy, socialistic, wasteful system when now is their chance. I support the walk out because I’m dying for the entire system to implode and collapse so something new (where teachers are in control, call the shots, are unhindered to use their own talents and get to keep the fruit of their labor) can replace it entirely. I do not support teachers who support legislation robbing the taxpayers for more money again to keep the same scam going. My support goes to the teachers that understand the basic principals of a free society and a free market, and understand that their system is corrupt and needs accountability. Those that want to change the system to offer a better product with better wages. I do not support those that are simply regurgitating what their union masters told them to say and do for more money.

Teachers will lose public support if they continue to stick the taxpayers with the bill for propping up the corruption that the education system is entangled in. If you’re my friend and you are a teacher, stop stealing from me. It’s personal. This bill is shameful and immoral. I do not advocate theft of your property, I would fight to the death for your freedom, and I’d probably hire you privately if you’d leave that mess, so please return the favor and simply “love your neighbor Theft isn’t some abstract thought that varies from case to case, depending on someone’s definition of “a good cause.” I do not consent to the forced taking of my money for a system I fundamentally disagree with and do not use. If you legislate away my God-given right to keep the fruits of my labor, you are stealing. Giving a government thug permission to take things that don’t belong to him…is theft. Again, it’s that kind of injustice that makes people mad, and now it’s being done to taxpayers. Teachers are solving their own injustice problems by being unjust to others. So now we’re both mad, both victims of injustice, and the guys at the top are still fat, happy, and rich.

If you want change and more money, demand an audit of your masters, fire the unions, fire the superintendents with their six-figure salaries, fire some administrators, and trim the fat off of this bureaucratic beast and figure out how to use the funds (again, over half of the entire state budget) to pay for consistent and fair teacher raises. The money is there now! Fix the system and the corruption. Those of you shouting out the error in how the legislature is trying to fund this have my full support. Those of you who aren’t and are advocating for more taxes have lost my support and my respect… Sadly, this isn’t the teacher revolution I’ve been hoping for. This is just wrong, and I hope it backfires.

Saying all of that, the sorry Republican traitors that voted for this injustice and passed the buck down to the tax payers need to find themselves in the unemployment line. My new representative was one of them. We haven’t had the chance to meet, but I’m pretty sure he knows me now. So I’ll close with my message to him and anyone else who supports theft via government thugs, even if it’s "for the greater good":

You haven’t the slightest clue as to why governments exist, or what their proper roles are (and it isn’t to tax people into poverty for the things other people want). I’m certain you’ve not read it, but if you could work The Law, by Frederick Bastiat, into your library, that’d be great. Understanding that your job is to protect my God-given (not government granted) right to keep the fruits of my labor is essential to doing your job. You are to keep people from infringing on that. There are many problems that are solved through voluntary actions (not force or threat) and philanthropy. Good ideas don’t require force; bad ones do. I’m sad that Christians can’t even define theft anymore, like it’s an abstract thought or acceptable if it’s for good. Who’s good? Yours? Not mine. You are no different than the liberals that pushed Obamacare and all the other socialistic programs that are funded through force for someone else’s definition of good. Instead of coming after taxpayers again and sticking us with the bill, you should have focused on all the millions of dollars that are already there not going to teachers but rather to feed the bureaucratic fat at the top of the food chain. Superintendents with six-figure salaries? And you legislate away more of our money to fund this? Taxes aren’t conservative, or moral in many cases, but as long as it’s an R doing it, we allow it. This is why people like me are leaving the party. You have no consistency, you’re a hypocrite - doing what you say you hate liberals doing, and using “for the children” the same as they do. Both parties are the same, there’s zero difference. It’s disgusting, and I’m done with both of you.

--By Karen Cook Cuellar
Karen is a homeschool mom and Christian Libertarian. She supports teachers who are fighting against waste and corruption.


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