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Yes, Germany is still an engineer country, but the system has changed. With the globalisation we´ve lost our status in education (job education) and in studies, by addapting the "bachelor" system. That was a decision into the wrong direction, in my oppinion. We had one of the best systems for apprenticeship.

I´ve started my apprenticeship as a car mechanic. The next step after you have passed the exam, you are called "Geselle". You receive a certificate. If you want, you can do an additional training to get the mastercraftsman (Meister) title. In the past you´ve needed 5 years on your job (work experience) until you´re allowed to the examination. You can choose two ways for the training, full-time-school or evening class. Full-time-school duration is one year and in the evening class you need two years. So you can start after three respectively after 4 years of work experience. That´s the procedure I´ve past, like thousands of other people in Germany. After I´ve passed the exam, I´ve received my certificate. I´ve started working in a workshop as a cooperative workshop manager. After a few years of experience I get workshop manager.

The government has changed the system a few years ago, I think in 2005.
Today, you can start with the additional training just after finishing your apprenticeship. Without any work experience. I think, this trend is not good. I think it´s better to have some work experience, before starting a career as a workshop manager.
Addional you receive a certificate which allows you, to go to a university (technical diploma), I appreciate that. I think it´s very good, to receive a technical diploma with passing the exam and get the chance to go to a university.

What do you think? Is it better to have some work experience, before starting an additional training to be for example a workshop manager or do you think it´s good for young people, to get thrown in at the deep end?


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