Why people fail exam after preparing for it

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The question of why people fail an exam after preparing for it has been one a lot of persons have usually asked. And in this article, we want to give a few tips on why people fail an exam after preparing for it.

A few days ago, I go into a conversation with a girl who said, she has often wonder why some persons she knows to be really intelligent fails the same exam she passes.

She said it has left her perplexed and often wonder what the reason may be.

Well, after due research from different sources, I think I have found the reason why 90% of the people who fail an examination after preparing for it fails.

Furthermore, some persons believe passing an examination is by luck or chance. Some even said they think it's spiritual.

However, if you build your thinking that passing an examination is by luck or spiritual, you may never pass that examination. #fact!

This brings me to my experience when I was in primary school, a scammer will see us kids coming from school and will approach that this is what we should do if we want to pass our coming examination.

Some times, it will even be chewing gums that he will sell to us and we will give this scammer all our money.

After our confidence has been built by this scammer, we will go into the examination hall without reading appropriately thinking we are murdering the exam only for us to see the result that we have failed woefully.

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  1. things you should not leave the university without learning

An examination was not set by spirits, I don't know how passing it is now spiritual.

You don't pass an examination by leaking one sweet, eating one biscuit or drinking one kind of drinks, you pass an examination by preparing appropriately for the examination.

Never you dispose of the power of good preparation towards an examination.


Some people just read for an examination without reading effectively or reading the right material. There is how to study effectively for any examination.

When you prepare for a particular examination that gave specific textbooks to read and past questions to study with, you don't ignore such materials and start looking for foreign voluminous textbooks because you don't find the materials interesting enough.

You don't go about studying too much when you prepare for an examination. If you do so, it takes grace for your level of knowledge to ever reflect on your result.

If you don't find it interesting even though it is the recommended textbooks and decides to ignore it, that's the same way you won't find the examination interest.

Preparing for an examination is not about reading big books, it's not about reading every day and every time, it's not about acting scholars in front of your friends, it's about actually preparing for the examination the right way. You may also what to check time management during jamb examination.

There are different kinds of examinations: essay exams, multiple-choice exams, open-book and take-home exams, problem or case-based exams, oral exams etc. The way you read or prepare for these examinations is supposed to be different.

It's like someone who is sick, every sickness has its symptoms and the way it is treated. Don't go preparing for an essay examination like it's an Objective Examination.


Also, the mindset of some persons towards an examination is so wrong. How can you be preparing for an examination and not planning of scoring everything? You are not supposed to read some parts or chapters and ignore the rest saying words like, "it won't come out" unless you are told to. Never assume the mind of the lecturer to ever study less instead, assume the mind of the lecturer to study more.
Today, after reading this full article, you will understand why people fail an exam after preparing for it. You will learn to give a good shot.

1. Poor planning

A lot of students do not properly plan for their studies and exams. You don't just read without proper planning and set goals for the examination.

Before you start preparing for an examination, you should have a clear study plan.

You set out reading time table that is easily achievable, considering all the possible constraints without lying to yourself, and adjust your study plan the best possible way.

Never forget the saying, "He who fails to plan, plans to fail."


When you study for an examination, you don't try to assume the mind of the lecturer on a soft spot.

Don't let laziness to study becloud your thinking by saying, this lecturer won't set this.

That's a bad way to prepare for an examination. Please leave no stone unturned.

Also, you prioritize your reading based on what you are told will come out by the lecturer.


This is not different from what we have been saying.

Most students don't do the proper study when they prepare for an examination.

Some students think that studying means skimming through a book or merely reading the words of the book. You don't study like that for an examination.

To study means to learn and understand. You may want to check the importance of reading.

Inasmuch as you study to learn, there are some examinations where understanding may pose as a problem due to the short time interval, please cram or memorize whatever it is so you can pass well.

I am aware that some persons will want to context the fact that I said cram or memorize, but it's still the truth.

In the university, some lecturers don't want to know your understanding of their course, they just want you to give them what they taught you back to back.

Don't make the mistake of overexplaining to such lecturer trying to prove to him/her that you understand the course, you will fail or get a low grade.


Why people fail exam after preparing for it is not far from this.

Don't allow yourself to be caught up by this dependency. So many persons don't prepare well for an examination hoping for malpractice.

Such persons have already planned to fail before the commencement of the examination because if they don't get to do the malpractice, they are going to fail.


There are just the set of persons who are always hoping that the majority of people fail so that they will be given extra marks. That's a poor mindset that always leads to failure.

Some will read just a little hoping to just escape failure, that's a failure mindset.

Never you bang your trust or hope on the fact that you will be given free marks.


Some people just think like this. In fact, at some points in my life, I used to think like this too.

This kind of thinking makes people just fail. You cannot be thinking of failure and be hoping to succeed or pass the examination.

Funny enough, one of the major factors of having such thinking is anxiety and lack of proper time management during the examination.

Not knowing how to answer the particular examination questions properly is also a major factor.

This is why the importance of using past questions cannot be overemphasized. When you use past questions, be sure you get the solutions to it.


This is also a reason why most people fail the examination.

Some years ago, a foreigner came to write the same exam I was to write. This foreigner was a smart dude but he failed the exam like twice before he ever got to pass.

There is a strategy for every examination. There is also a way every lecturer like the questions to be answered.

You just have to know the examination strategy of the particular examination you are to write.


Nothing makes one fail more than anxiety does.

It makes you imbalance and worries you for days. Before the exam, you will practically be unable to think of anything else.

And after all the anxiety and worry, you realize that the anxiety or stress you went through didn't worth it, what would you do?

You may want to read, steps to overcome test anxiety from your desk right before the exam.


Some person tries to make a mundane of past questions usage and that's why they fail. Don't do that.

Not using past questions papers may not make you fail, but it will help you prepare very well in less time and also pass very well.

Past questions importance cannot be overemphasized. Like a friend will say, "I study from past questions to my textbooks." That's how important it is.

Most examiners just repeat past questions word for word. So you dare not joke with its importance.

10. Lack of Practice

Some students make all effort to study their notes and textbooks very well but make the very "failure mistake" of not studying or practising for exam settings or conditions.

Practising for the exams is just as important as studying and preparing for the exams.

Too many students who read very well fail in exams due to lack of practice. Practising for exams is very important and you must take it seriously.

Because some students fail to practise, the face three major problems inside the examination hall:

  • Students fail to learn to handle exam stress.
  • They fail to learn to manage their time. I have written on time management when written jamb examination which is also very rich with time management in any examination.
  • The most severe one is that students who fail to practice before hand find it very hard to apply the concept they have learnt in the examination.
The students who practice under exam conditions are well prepared to handle exam stress, manage time, and apply concepts in the given examination scenarios.
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