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RE: The Only Guide To Technical Analysis That You Will Ever Need

NoNamesLeftToUse - Lines.jpeg

Am I doing it right?

Is it a good time to buy more?

What do I do!!!

Image produced by me. Not to be taken seriously. Don't do more lines than you can handle. Too many lines could lead to living behind dumpsters. I am not a professional.


No good lines, looks like they can be sniffed up

Lol, i just noticed what it is after seeing ur reply. Oh @nonameslefttouse very poetic

Argh, a good pun of mine got missed then. :(

Don't worry. It's not a photograph of last night's supper. Just some digital art and a stupid joke... LOL

This means you have to go all-in! :P

Good one!....:)...

Those are some quality lines sir. Better than sponges, and easy on the eyes. Sell those lines, and buy more!

Wait for the highs before selling though. ;)

Good one lmao

It's what I do. ;)

ahh the steemit symbol sideways!DQmY5ukVTd5M5wedmSPippndjeGf1i5dZLz2GqCbqHNJ4rc_1680x8400.jpg

What do you think, can Bob make these lines

This is too basic of a graph in my opinion, love the teaching strategy tho.

I like charts for short terms ups and downs.. but still do not understand how to get the most out of reading charts. any good books or videos.. one can recommend.

I do not read too many​ books but I think this is the best to learn charting: Technical Analysis of Stock Trends by Robert D. Edwards, John Magee, W.H.C. Bassetti. I can't ​wait to buy this.

Salomondrin and Jon Olsson are making nice videos :D

I listen to podcasts a lot. Do you know Chat With Traders, Bloomberg View, Futures​ Radio Show or Rob Booker?

Funnily enough I too am a sponge for those lines XD

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