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Today in my post, I am going to talk about Education.


What is Education?

Education is the process of growth and development.The word education is derived from latin word "Education" where E means inside and duco means to draw.

Every child is born with innate qualities which is developed by education to the full.

As per Swami Vivekananda, Education is the manisfestion of perfection already reached in a man.

Education is the development of individuality. Education is the process through which changes are produced in the behaviour of an individual and through passes into the group.

Education is the conciously controlled process in which passage of human from infancy to maturity takes places with adjustment to the physical, mental and spiritual development.

In India, Education commenced about 4000 years ago and that period was called Vedic Educational period.

Education was given in gurukuls and Ashramas.There used to be the ceremony Vidhyarambha through which education used to be initiated. Initially 5 year old were taught alphabets and letters.

Then during upanayana ceremony, a child was taken into the ashrams.There as per his caste he was given specific training. The aim of education during that time is emancipation. To gain all round development, live an exalted life and self realisation.


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