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Hello everyone! I already wrote that my daughter started attending kindergarten. But she still spends a lot of time at home. Now it's cold outside, it often rains, so we spend a lot of time in the apartment, not on the street. (At the moment I see the windows on the balcony shaking from the strong wind))). I am not a supporter of the fact, that the child all day watching cartoons and not get in the way. I am ready and love to work with my daughter. I want to share with you, what you can do at home with your child. I already wrote a similar post, when my daughter was 1.5 years old. She is now 2.2 years and the list of activities has expanded considerably.

1.Plasticine. I buy a plasticine Play Doh, because it is natural, it contains wheat. Plasticine suitable for the little ones, because it is safe. Because young children love to try new things to taste. If a kid accidentally took a bite - nothing bad will happen. So, take the plasticine, roll it a ball and crushed into a pancake. Give the child the beans, big pasta, buttons. The child puts the object on the plasticine and a finger presses it. When all the objects are embedded in plasticine, the child gets them back. Roll the plasticine ball. Give the child sticks with rounded edge and offer the stick in the ball. Do hedgehog) Helping your child master the simple techniques of sculpting from clay, parents care about his intellectual development. Scientists have proven that stimulating the fine motor skills of your baby's hands, can positively affect his imagination, logical thinking, sensory memory, graphical, and verbal abilities. In addition, the child is normalized, the nervous system and develops aesthetic perception of the world. Now I added numbers and special toys for the plasticine.



2.Pyramid. The stores sold a lot of pyramids, different in shape, size, color. Build pyramids, sorting her rings contributes to the development of intelligence and logical thinking, improves fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination teaches color perception, shapes and sizes. Of course, my daughter has long been able to collect the pyramid, but now she does it consciously. The daughter knows the basic colors, and with the help of the pyramid we study different shades, such as orange, green, purple. With the help of another pyramid, we also repeat the colors and learn the concept of "more-less".


3.Sorcery. It's bright, interesting toys that are based on the principle of sorting objects by size, shape and color and develop children many useful skills. As a child suggests that the child should be in a hole of a certain shape to insert an element of the same shape. If all the other games with elements of sort allow the wrong decision (to assemble a pyramid can be in any order), then the sorter can only collect the right way. And child this way necessarily finds and doing the right thing. The child gets the opportunity to learn such important concepts as "same or different", understand, right or wrong he does, does the item toys to the hole or not. The kid gets the basics comparison, learning to do simple analysis and classify objects. For a child to be a very clear idea of the forms, quantities, colors. The contact elements of the toy in the hole requires precise movements of the fingers that develops fine motor skills, can successfully develop the child's thinking and his speech.

4.Beads. The toy on the photo is handmade. The creation of such beads can be used various materials, colors. Your imagination is not limited! It can help to learn colors, tactile perception and develop fine motor skills. This toy is indispensable for my child in the road. Daughter loves to twirl in her hands, to examine. For girls is also a decoration)))) Now my daughter calls the name of the objects, that she sees on the beads.

5.Books. My daughter loves books very much. I often read to her aloud, she looks at the pictures. She even remembered a few simple quatrains.


6.To our classes was added to the collection of puzzles. It turned out, that for young children there are puzzles of large size. You can make puzzles by yourself, just cut any picture into pieces.



7.We began to slowly develop logic with the help of special cards or books. The child must logically associate the two images. In addition, it examines the pictures and learns new words.



8.Drawing. In our case, we still draw water. To do this, for example, sold the mats for drawing with a special marker. Another suitable water raskosky. They are convenient in that dry quickly and you can use them again. Plus - a clean baby, clean floor, clean walls)))) I added markers to the drawing with water. My secret is that these are special markers that can be easily washed off with water both from the child and from the tissues.



9.Designers. There is a huge choice of designers. You can choose any. My daughter is trying to collect designer myself, but more she likes to deconstruct what I have built) Designers develop fine motor skills, speech, thinking, attention, imagination, memory, cognitive interest.



The most thing to remember is that the main activity of the child at this age - the game. It is important that activitys are accompanied by positive emotions, praise from adults. Only in this case, baby will love the process, even if not all will turn out. The child at this age cannot concentrate on one thing. So activitys usually last no longer than 15 minutes. Remember to stay home with the baby is not always boring, exercise with your child and the results will not keep you waiting!

I hope my post useful for you. I wrote it with a soul. It will be great if you will find in it something useful and new for yourself!

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