How to exchange STEEM for SBD and SBD for STEEM 👉 METHOD #1

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Hello everyone and welcome on! 🙂
We have prepared for you educational tutorials that will make your journey through Steem much easier!

Today we will learn how to convert STEEM for SBD or SBD for STEEM using Block Trades website. This is the first method we will show you. In the next lesson you will get to know another one.
Let's start! 😉⤵

HOW TO Exchange STEEM for SBD or SBD for STEEM
Method #1

To convert STEEM for SBD or SBD for STEEM from your Steem Wallet, you must first log in to your profile on

Then click on "Wallet" in the drop-down menu on the right. To see it, click on your avatar.

Next to the STEEM value, on the right side press the triangle button and select option “Buy” or “Sell”. At this point it doesn't matter which option you choose because each of them will redirect you to the BlockTrades page.

This is a website where you can exchange STEEM for SBD and SBD for STEEM and other cryptocurrencies.

In the first window "Send" click the small arrow next to the automatically selected currency. Then select STEEM or SBD. Here you decide whether you want to sell STEEM or SBD.

Then on the right side select the currency you want to receive from the exchange. If you have previously decided that you are selling STEEM, select SBD here.

Now decide what value of your chosen tokens you want to convert. Enter the value of your choice in the window.

In the window on the right you will see the estimated value that you will get from the exchange.

If everything is correct, click the Get Deposit Address button.

Now you should see this page:

Enter the nickname you are using on without the "@" sign and click Transfer Using SteemConnect button.

You will see a confirmation window from Steem Connect. If everything is correct, click CONTINUE.

And now you have to confirm the transaction by signing. To do it just enter your password, you can use Active key.

After typing your password, click the "Sign In" button and that's it.

Up to 60 seconds on your Steem Wallet you will get a transaction from @blocktrades with currency exchange!
In this case we traded 1 STEEM and received 0.445 SBD.

Remember, however, that when you exchange currencies on the Block Trades website, you will be charged a small fee.
How much are your fees? Let's check the information that Block Trades posted on their website:

More info about fees you can find on the Block Trades website here:

And now a quick summary of today's lesson:

💙 STEEM to SBD or SBD to STEEM exchange by Steem Wallet can be carried out on the Block Trades website.
💙 Funds from the exchange will appear on your Steem Wallet up to 60 seconds after confirmation of the transaction.
💙 To trade you must have the funds you wish to trade.

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