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PQ, IQ, EQ, SQ & CQ for those who want to know about ...

The average person, intelligent (IQ) is usually measured. The full Intelligence Quotient (IQ). The person is measured, intelligent systems, and set a reference to the resulting solution Quotient. Easier terms are defined intelligent man. High IQ, he good. Low IQ, that he is a bad impression. Foreign IQ is measured systematically announcement.

As in Burma and do not properly made. The average person's IQ is between 80 and 120 video. If you have more than 120 very talented if less than 80 was set to have lower intelligence than is the case. IQ is based on genes. In other words, depends on the genetic parents.

IQ development was born at the age of 11 years and 12 years after no longer the high growth stage and later. In other words, if IQ is an inherent attribute of .IQ other Mental Intelligence intelligent shaved. Conventional wisdom used to focus on IQ tamoxifen. School to his parents, teacher, I urge teachers.

It focuses only on the single. So sports, calling for Food, art He urged a focus on the relationship plantation, and we encourage the development of a lane. They accept there is intelligent five today. The person to be successful, intelligent, came to accept the need to take care of the five.

The first intelligent Physical Intelligence (PQ). Suddenly, if you think we should be (PI) cover. However, as reported earlier referring to the Quotient result. PQ in fact healthy. We need a healthy person. Not healthy and will not need to do anything for the rest. That is why we want young people to focus on the PQ. Parents also should be considered. Children must do sports. The school is very important to be able to mount a.

At one time, did not sport. Making unnecessary anxiety because sports have been a deterrent. So we promote sports for young people should be an . Once submitted as sports and physical development, but also respect for rivals The loss of the ability to respond to it, Understanding the benefits can not be counted. Sports fortunately costly claiming to be a sport for everyone, not just a lot of access.

Second, intelligent details submitted earlier Mental Intelligence (IQ). Third, intelligent Emotional Intelligence (EQ) .EQ His feelings, Those who engage with your try to know about. EQ high, he was sympathetic. The best example might Gandhi. He said the station, along with his disciples before the next train out of completely from the other side of the shoe.

Shoes fall significantly once the other side to take to reach nearest shoe fell off. His disciples incident Why have you done this to pick now shoes was necessary to a full answer. Those with high IQ high EQ. There are even those with a high IQ but low EQ tamoxifen .. Enter your feelings about the other side of the frontline uploaded, there are plenty of people who do not sad.

There is one. IQ is an inherent quality that can be compiled, but EQ. That did not rely on a single IQ to succeed in life. The EQ in order to complete. If only other EQ low IQ uncomfortable again. Fourth intelligent about religion. In other words, Spiritual Intelligence (SQ). SQ in our country, now suffering from shortage we say. Beliefs individual.

As necessary, to love your religion, we need to respect the other's religion. Religion is a very sensitive, Something serious. I am a Buddhist. The teaching of the Buddha has been believed that a firm and practice a religion of religion must also recognize.

Own good. I should not have other good ideas. I need to avoid extremism. Are you sure you would have said that those who did not accept. Thanks sacred philosophy, Notions are humans. May coast. Last intelligent modern 21st century more important every hour. Myanmar's reforms began to engage the world. US relations began to accept.

Foreign and foreign-owned enterprises became established in Burma. The firms plan to tent


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