practice high AQ

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To practice how high AQ

later time to see more rapid progress to people the value of AQ. What should be trained how to make high-AQ

  1. bold face.courage in the face rather than avoid it. vengeance for me, it would mean that within a short overridden Archive. Now already the resultant discontent to listen carefully. You will not need to consider using the understanding equalizer. Most are already leaving vomit all complaints will go lighter. influence the affected properties. Is easy to prevent. Detour water.

  2. Write woes immediately.
    Many people are suffering, not need to be recorded. But if you really suffer Write relieved. While solutions can be found along the way.
    Setback, Angry, The feeling that forgot Etc. Write temporarily feel most of the time. Read again the next day. Would be trivial.

  3. Framed difficult problem.
    Almost everyone works being different stand for a different person. Let ဆုို Angry enough at the workplace when they have to face any problem, the problem framed most of the time at the workplace. Get off at the office, home loving husband Go back father. Work-home exchanges, to avoid disturbing kindle His problem and need to be framed.

  4. Easy to achieve the goal of complete and plenty of children adopted.
    True, ambitious huge success. But the ambitious is a huge challenge. How zealous 0 Con of the perfect man, There is no ability to enjoy consecutive condemnation.
    So, practical, This performance is a very difficult goal is the success of many small, sometimes moving forward to the gradual implementation big objectives.

  5. 0 cultivate something in my name.
    Everybody people to 0 after each one lives. When faced with crisis operation 0 Yes, it may be able to divert attention. 0 Yes, while doing a job can find your way to a problem.

  6. Positive sense, And all the friends that often optimistic.
    Near the fishermen, fishermen Near Hunters, hunters To attract the same reaction altered here. Goodbye, led signs The friends spoke the words bad and negative and hair. I associate them too often becomes a dark bucket. Positive, If you are positive friends often think about the positive things achieved, and often closer.

Everybody his AQ could cultivate.


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