A Heedless Approach- A pabulum.

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I'm just gonna go straight to the point. Exams. Continuous Assessment. Lectures. The entire education system is just riggged. Its all just a clever ploy to burden us youths "Exams-696x386.jpgleaders of tomorrow " but you see that's not really what matters. Life requires more. More of everything and completely different stuff from all we could ever acquire from the four walls of our classrooms. Life's is patient. It not waiting on anyone to "have sense".
book exams.jpg

Unfortunately, common sense is no longer common. All those many books, formulae, diagrams, project work, et al Education really isn't about filling heads but inspiring minds. We should be equipped to challenge the status quo at the very least. Who told you life truly begins after school? Who told you your destiny is tied to a system so dysfunctional in so many ways?
So, its time. Its time to discover the real reason why you're here. Life was never meant to lived in this circle: birth-school-job-marriage-retirement-death. There's more. There's always more. Now I'm not advocating for a society that never goes to school, no, it's a great opportunity to be in school, what I'm proposing is more objectivity in our approach.
Education might as well be the greatest miracle or an idea gone wrong for all we know. Get inspired. Godspeed y'all. 😘✌

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