Learn Guitar: Section 2 Rough Draft Part A

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Hey everyone been up editing all night had some un anticipated production delays so this is just a draft. The video is still uploading so may not be viewable for 10-20 minutes hopefully. This includes two new heuristics and an introduction to the modes as well as basic chords. Part B will go more in depth into mode spacing and the pentatonic scale and basic soloing and interval patterns (which was going to be seciton 3 but will be included in this)

This is only version 1 of the series. Once all the main topics and approaches have been covered the videos and content will be recreated and improved so that you can have the best quality public domain guitar lessons at your finger tips to do what you will.

The taxonomy system of seciton 1 section 2 hasnt been totally solidified but an internal duey decimal type system will be created to try to make these resources as accessible as possible. If anyone has suggesstions or wants to get involved let me know what you want to do and how?

Part B will include all the text about these this section and diagrams and hopefully a link to a file repository so you can get ahold of these libre office documents and modify them how you want.

Hope to have Part B up by Monday but will improve and release individual sections as they are ready.

Thanks again for everything Steem Community. Great things are already happening thanks to Steem and hope to be a part of this!!


i enjoy it

thank you hope this series helps you enjoy it more!!

Always huge thanks for sharing your great info @learnguitar I'll practice tmr :-)

Thanks as always hope you got some time. In let me know if you have any questions or if there are thing you want to know or achieve.

learnguitar, you have a new fan here

great to hear, hope the new steem year going well for you!!

I like music.

good to hear!!

thanks for sharing

thanks for the upvote and props, cause of you why I'm doing this!!

The lovely Educator
Its nice post

thanks for noticing!!

Ohhh, @learnguitar..
I envy you because you can play guitar.
since,I was highschool,I'm just always watching my classmates playing it,I wanna learn but no one have patient teaching me.:)
I hope I can play even one instrument.

this series will teach you for free how to play guitar. You just need to get a guitar and a tuner and then you should be set!!

I'll try to watch your video

thanks hope you enjoy it

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Nice lesson dude, keep the good work!

thanks, hoping to, hope the new year has been going well!!

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good, unvote

I love guitar. i love music. Its my life @learnguitar

great, hope to teach you somethign and if you ever make your own lessons in posts that you release public domain I will resteem as long as public domain

one of my favourite instrument how can i learn it

thanks hope the week on steemit goes well!!

impressive post

thanks, hope the newy year has been productive

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keep it going......... teach music.......

Honestly, you need little improvement

super useful comment

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