Where is education now??

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Education has gone to the dogs. Students are no more reading
Well, I'll quite disagree with that statement. I won't ordinarily quite disagree but strongly disagree, students still read, at least, in OAU that I know. @angiography, what's your say on this?
Angiography-- To be sincere, I'll want to agree with him...at least judging from this present crop of part 1 students going to 2, I was once forced to think if they had interest in education at all (well, some blame it on the mode of admission!)
But generally, I would say the problem stems from our high schools. Many undergraduates are ill-prepared to take on rigorous University workload.
Bad, poor and ineffective teaching facilities are all factors. I'm in college and our MB results will be released today.... The result is the poorest in 5 years! Yet many logged no less than 10 hrs of reading per day.

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