CryptoGoss Episode 30: steemEDU - Education on the blockchain

10 months ago
46 in education

This episode, we look at Steem and how it can apply to learning in schools.

Katherine Noall, Scott Phillips and Peter Robertson are joined in Crypto Studios at the Melbourne Bitcoin Technology Centre by Kieran Nolan, Educational Technologist and Janet Whittle, Assistant Principal from Wooranna Park Primary School. We discuss Steem and how Wooranna Park Primary is planning to use the Steem platform for collaborative learning.

Inspired by an article on steem, Kieran Nolan and Tom Mcgann (Educational Technologist) requested a Google Hangout on air (featured on OpenSourceLearning.School) with the author Derek Reith.

All music for this is episode was freely provided by

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  ·  10 months ago

This is going to change the world for the better.