the school as where knowledge values and culture are built

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he society has entrusted the School with the task of supporting the family in the socialization of children, adolescents and young people. The vertiginous development of contemporary society requires a qualified preparation of young people to insert themselves socially, the family can not respond to such demand by itself and it is the school that complements this task with the collaboration of other agents of the community and society in general.

With the own social development of humanity, the School is not only a need as expressed previously but it also materializes a right of men and women to access school education as endorsed in the Universal Rights of Man, in the Convention of the Rights of the Child and in the Constitution of many countries. In our Constitution in Chapter V "Education and Culture" the priority that the State grants to the education of the young generation and the responsibility of the family, the school, state, mass and social organizations in the integral formation of childhood and youth .. Today the concept of education has been expanded from the narrow frameworks of family and school. It is not limited to the learning of knowledge and to insert oneself into the workplace, which presupposes an emphasis on preparation for life.
socialization and the promotion of personal development
facilitate access to historical-cultural experience.
Traditionally, the latter was recognized but the development of humanity, the social changes operated in it and scientific-technical advances conditioned that extension and the inclusion of new contexts and their recognition as educational spaces.


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