the role of the family

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Much of our life is lived in the nucleus of our families. In one we are born, and probably form our own during our life. The family (whatever its conformation) is the basis of the organization of our society. This has an important influence not only on the different areas of our life, but also on who we are and who we will be.

The family is where we learn to socialize
As mentioned, we are born and (in most cases) we grow up inside a family.

There, we learn to relate to other people, how to resolve conflicts, to share with others, and of course, the basic rules of living in society.

These distinctions that could be banal are not, on the contrary, they are basic and fundamental for life in society. It is within a family that we learn to be social beings.


The family gives us values ​​and beliefs
Since we learn to relate to others from our family, we also learn to look at the world and locate ourselves in it. We learn standards, and we form our belief system and values. That is, it is the first instance that teaches us to believe in something, and to behave in the world. In family we learn from our emotional world the first emotional support network that we have throughout our lives, even before our friendships, It is our family. While it is clear that not all families grant the necessary containment, it is the first reference in this regard. Again, placing us at the beginning of our lives, it is precisely our family that teaches us (or not) to name what we feel, to deal with frustration, to develop our self-esteem and where we learn how to react to different situations.
On the other hand, and as we have mentioned, it is in the family nucleus where we would most often find containment and space for what happens to us, thus acting as a basic support system at the social level.
While not all families have the same capacity for containment and support, without a doubt, the interior of the family is where we learn from our emotional world.
One of the great attributes that our family gives us is the sense of belonging to something. Whether due to its physical, cultural or participation origin, we feel belonging to something greater, which gives us identity very early.


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