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You don't need a girlfriend to be neat or cute..
Every young man desire self happiness and destiny fulfillment too..

Your house must be neat not because she wanna visit but because a neat room is a romantic home....

Take care of your nails
Cut your hair once in a week ...

Wash your boxer as soon as is used once.
Your ambit must be Clean to avoid odour.

Do you know as a young man you need to take care of your lips too?

When you finish brushing your teeth, wash your toothbrush and use it softly on your lips..
Please do it gently with care...

There is nothing wrong to have your cream and specific soap.

Apply cream often after your night bath, it helps to refresh your skin too.

Don't be in a hurry while having your bath, take your time and wash in between your laps, not overlooking your private part..

Yes! Most guys don't wash their private part.
Is very wrong! Is part of your body brother.

Please wash your towel as often as possible.
Is advisable to have more than two if possible..

Don't use your singlet more than once please, it causes body odour.
To help yourself have as many as possible.

Who told you is only ladies that can visit a Solon?

No! It must not be an expensive place.
Once in a while allow them to take care of your skin, nails and hair treatment..

A neat guy is a romantic boo..
You're doing this for your good and happiness not for bae ..

Romance your relationship with neatness.

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My bestie😃



Wow, u want to blow guys head eh. Well, i love every bit of what you mentioned. Thanks much for putting this up. At least i had learned something here. Nice one but very highly applicable to ladies too...smile


Yes ladies has already known but some men don't even know about it.