Practice English everyday #3

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Today's topic - Present Simple and Present Continuous (questions)

Are the sentences below correct? If not, can you correct them?
  1. Do she work in school?
  2. Are they arriving soon?
  3. Do you need me?
  4. Are you hating cold weather?
  5. Does you have a dog?
Choose the correct sentence:
  1. Do they know me? or Are they knowing me?
  2. Is she studying English every Saturday? or Does she study English every Saturday?
  3. Is she writing the report? or Does she write the report?
  4. Does he call his boss? or Is he calling his boss?
  5. Is the train leaving? or Does the train leave?

Have fun!
And remember - practice makes perfect! :)

Here are the answers to yesterday's post:

  1. She is not writing an email.
  2. He doesn’t work here.
  3. Correct.
  4. We don’t have time.
  5. Correct.

1.She isn't answering the question.
2.We don't see the difference.
3.I never argue.
4.She doesn't speak English.