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Are you or your children terrible at the most elementary skills of math such as arithmetic? If that is the case or you just want to make it easier for memory I’d recommend the card game 24. I know they have an app version now. Can’t say I’ve played the app but I know the card game makes for intense competition. The game can be played alone or with a number of others. Regardless the goal of the game is to reach the number 24 with the 4 numbers listed. Each number is used only once and the end sum has to be 24. This actually builds a persons math skills so that for most basic math they can solve the problem in their head. 

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Thank you!

I remember playing this exact same game in elementary school! It was always my favorite thing during math class.

It was always my favorite as well. Why they never just added it to the curriculum for schools is beyond me.

Yeah, the best part would be when we would split into different teams and get to compete against each other to see who could solve it the fastest. They really should include it in math class for everyone, makes you think out of the box.

Agreed. I just wanted to demolish everyone at my school and they sent a group of us to compete in a citywide competition.

Nice post! I'm going to check it out and follow you. I love seeing education posts on Steemit and hope you write more.

I have posted about using blackjack to teach basic arithmetic. Hope you will check it out @beriberi

Thanks for the recommendation! I will have to try this when we "start" school in September. Right now we have summer break, but we still learn lots of new things just in less formal ways.

It makes for an amazing learning tool and most people don't feel like its something being forced on them. As @mk40 mentioned here it is really fun playing with multiple people. When played in groups it certainly brings out the competitive spirit and people forget they are better educating themselves.

I home school my kids and this game will be awesome ....this will go on my Amazon list ASAP....Thanks for sharing @jacobchamplain

Thanks! Glad you liked it. I'll be posting a piece later about how your kids can finish the first two years of college before they turn 18. They don't have to take any actual classes and it is a fraction of the cost when compared to any community college or university.

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