The Goodness of Reading Al-Qur'an

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Al-Karim Qur'an is a living guide for humanity, even though the only ones who benefit are those who are cautious (Surat al-Baqarah [2]: 2).

So much wisdom from multiplying reading the Koran.

First, get a very large reward, where one letter is rewarded with ten virtues, as narrated by Iman At-Tirmidhi in a hadith of the Prophet Muhammad. We know that the entire Koran, according to a literature of 325,015 letters, which means one time the Khatam of the Koran gets the reward value of virtue of ten multiples, which is 3.250.150.

Of course to achieve it, we must try to increase the reading of the Koran. Good once a month, bi-monthly, or even once every three months. Even many of the Koran scholars are able to recite the Koran once a week.

Second, Allah SWT will elevate the degree to which people always read the Koran, study the contents of it and practice it in their daily lives.

"Verily Allah raised the rank of a people with the Book of the Koran and Allah humbled the other people (who did not want to read, study and practice the Koran)." (Bukhari).

We can logically understand, why do people read and study the contents of the Qur'an and try to practice it elevated by Allah SWT? People who read the Koran mean people who are always close to God, even reading the Koran is talking to Allah SWT.

Third, get the extraordinary soul or heart, where every verse of the Koran that he reads will bring peace and tranquility to his readers.

As explained in Surah Al-Isra [17] verse 82, the Qur'an is revealed by Allah SWT to be a cure for all kinds of psychiatric diseases.

So that the readers of the Koran, even those who listen to the recitation get peace of mind.

Fourth, get intercession (help) on the Day of Judgment. This is explained in the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad which was reported by Imam Muslim.

"Read the Koran by you, because the recitation of the Koran that is read while living in this world, will be intercession / help for the readers on the Day of Judgment."

Then multiply read the Koran when the breath is still with us and the heartbeat is still moving, because the recitation of the Koran will be intercession / help for the readers on the Day of Judgment, when many people are miserable and suffering.

Fifth, will be freed from the complaint of the Messenger of Allāh on the Day of Judgment, where there are some people who were told by the Messenger of Allāh on the Day of Judgment before Allah.

So, multiply reading the Koran, spare the remaining time that God gave to deepen his teachings. Do not be wasted, because the Koran will deliver our convenience when facing Allah SWT (sakaratul maut).

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