What is Human Design?

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Human Design is mechanical science you can use as a tool to navigate your life by learning to listen to your body instead of the mind. It's an system on it's own but it does have components from other systems like the Kabbalah, I-Ching, Astrology, Chakra system, Genetics, Biochemistry and Quantum physics.


We use your birth day, time and location to make a rave chart. It's important to have your correct birth time to pin point the location of the different planets the moment you are born. When you look at the chart you will see squares and triangles, they are called centers. Every center has gates. Where you see numbers in the center those are the gates. When a gate connects to an other gate, it's called an channel. A channel is the flow of energy between 2 centers.

myBodyGraph - Cheryl Glans (1).png

Would you like to know your rave chart?
You can make one for free at www.jovianarchive.com or at www.mybodygraph.com

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great artical ! well done hun :D
Ok im going to delegate some sp to you, to get you motivated and help you here :D delegation will be 1 month, i keep the right to pull delegation with out warning, if i find hatefull/ discreminating posts or comenting.
Happy steeming & good luck :D

Hello my dear @swedishdragon! So nice of you to help out newbie here!! You are a gem! Thank you!

Hii hun :D sooo great to hear from you, how have you been??? Im sorry i havent visted you for ages :(
Aww i hope she grows with some help :D
aww so nice to hear, thanks :D :D

I'm great! Hope you are too!

woohoo, great to hear :D Im doing ok, started my new contract and its a ton to do, so im work swoomped :P LOL
Weather was giving spring time BUT noiw ist minus degrees and snow is comeing?? O.o

Congrats to your new work!

Anyway, we are heading tona different kind of four seasons now!

I get new contracts often hun, so no need to congratulate me ;)
Aww we like, il guess you blogged about it???

That's good to know. Not blogging for the moment, coming back to it soon.😊

Hi @swedishdragon thank you :-) , Can you tell me more what you mean by helping with delegation?

Your welcome :D Delegations are lended sp(in this case) so your like borroing it for free(this case, usuall you pay :)

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