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For a few years now I have been bouncing around the idea of teaching #photography and other skills to the creative industry, but I never took the steps needed to do it!

We all suffer from self-doubt not thinking we are capable enough or good enough to do something, sometimes coming up with 101 reasons not to do something ( No time, Not the right time, no money, etc. ) and blaming everyone else but ourselves for not doing something or not succeeding ( We love blaming the government. In my country we have a saying " It's Bouta's Vault" )

Living your dreams can be challenging and hard. The fear of failure can sometimes overwhelm the desire to dream.

But as you all know me, fear can knock me down but it won't keep me down, I'm crazy like that ;-)

Looking forward to tomorrow and new challenges.

In the image below:
Story written in the local newspaper here in Suriname about my education branch of the company.
Me wanting to add value to the creative industry through training courses.

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