Sad But True...Education Needs Overhaul...!!

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20 years back cars we didn't drive

20 years back buses we didn't use for travel

20 years back kitchen utensils we didn't use

20 years back cricket shots we didn't see

20 years back phone we didn't use to make/ receive call

But, today's engineering graduates read almost 20 year back syllabus...very strange...

One solution could be....

If you really want to be an engineer :

(a) Do as many projects as possible, even if you '20 years back' professor tries to stop you. Try solving social, economic and industrial problems.

(b) Dont limit yourself to the syllabus and dont depend on your '20 years back' professors.

(c) Focus on acquiring knowledge not on marks. Internet is your biggest library ever.

(d) Interact with as many people, from every walk of life, and learn from them : their problems and their simple solutions (many times, called JUGAAD).

(e) Try and do projects which involve multiple disciplines.

(f) teach your peers, seniors and juniors about whatever you have learnt, and if need be, teach your professors, if they are amenable....!

Larger awareness in public (those whose kids/kins) are opting for engineering is required.

They need to interact with college n university wrt to future of their son or daughter.

Should try to know what's that syllabus and its practical aspects..

Looks heavy but that's required. They need to make them to work with more clarity.

They / we have power to vote n definitely bring to the notice of University , college , if taken very seriously...

And I think all should understand their strength n weakness and by leaving our ego should support the initiatives or actions which bring some change in Engineering students.


Critical Thinking has to be Number 1...

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20 years back Jurrasic Park was released
20 years back The World Wide Web went public
20 years back Beavis and Buttt-Head premiered on MTV
20 years back Robin Williams played a British nanny in Mrs. Doubtfire

By the way about solutions.. can i use it for my training at painting? :dd
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