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I'm amazed at Steemit's technology and how it compensates content creators and content voters... And that made me think... Wouldn't it be wonderful to upvote articles in Wikipedia so that we could compensate those content creators for all the reliable information that they put at our fingertips?

Wouldn't it be awesome to create a different interface like that uses Steemit's technology and give it a different look and feel to the same blockchain? We could only admit in this different interface articles that perpetuate human knowledge as oppposed to post and upvote for articles that are fun to read but don't perpetuate human knowledge.

I would propose that we could compensate all the people that contribute to an article so that they could be written by different people and all of them get compensated with each upvote, and maybe each according to the importance of their contribution.

I'm interested in seeing this because with this we could give an even higher purpose to steemit! Or just implement another use case for this Blockchain Technology!!!

I guess there's people that already thought about this and maybe they're already making it a reality. If I can help with any ideas, I'll be glad to.



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very interesting idea, sounds great and would even help give more publicity to steem and steemit


Yes, and I just saw that Wikipedia is asking for donations and they're even saying that they do have a hard time collecting money from regular users... Why not use this method of Steemit to compensate Wikipedia Style articles?


yes you are right and adding to that, i believe they should look into monetizing through ads.

would love it!

I hope some people are already onto it!, great times we live in <3

Problem is: currently articles more than 7 days old seem to fall out of sight completely. Something like wiki should allow the articles to keep their relevance regardless of the passing of time, just as a function of their content and quality.

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ge work!

  • LOL Ill let you know how that turns out 9Could work well if i just hire someone to understand programming langages FOR me and i basicaly just complainto him about why I cant have features from ffaebook inside of steemiit like where is the official steemit chat room?!?!

If this had been a more recent post you would have gained another 100% upvote!

This is truly a fantastic idea. The thing is that Steem is such a great platform and I wholeheartedly believe that we will see several great concepts based on it put to use in the future.

Steemit is just one way to use it (a really good one), but we may see several niche killers introduced in the future and why not a Wikipedia killer? That would make it worth wile actively adding content to the combined human knowledge.

I love your ideas, keep posting them