My Guide To Outdoor Survival

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I've been working on writing a survival guide on tips and tricks to wilderness and back country camping for a few years now. It isn't your typical sit down and read book though. It is more of a dictionary type containing informational slides and a log of your adventure. Should disaster strike you would have the knowledge to deal with it at your finger tips quickly. And you would have a detailed outline of the necessary knowledge needed before heading out into the wild.

I hold a 4 year bachelors degree from Northern Michigan University for Outdoor Recreation Leadership & Management. I have been on many short and long term adventures crossing vast terrains in all kinds of environments. In 2012 I hiked the Cascade Mountains and in 2017 I hiked the entire Appalachian Mountains for 5 1/2 months. In 2018 I road my bicycle 2500 miles across the United States from California to Washington DC. I've been on trips through the desert, in blizzards, and through many valleys across the USA. I have been on many survival and backpacking trips and intend to go on many more.

I have screen captured several pages of my book to share with you all. I hope to get your input on them. I intend to publish my book soon and have copyrighted it thus far. I may be making changes to it here and there. These excerpts are only a few pages of the book.

Please enjoy and let me know what you think...

2 personal info.png
3 group info.png
4 trip log.png
5 map reading.png
6 sun compass directions.png
7 compass reading.png
8 rule of thumb.png
9 inclinometer.png
10 trip weather forecast.png
11 weather watch.png
12 time to sunset.png
13 campsite range card.png
14 12 steps to survival.png
15 10 essentials.png
16 pack adjustment order.png
17 casualty assessment.png
18 injury chart.png
19 vitals & patient info.png
20 choking cpr rescue breathing.png
21 first aid.png
22 6 line radio evac report.png

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Lots of useful information in your tips and tricks. Do the electronic version first so we can put it on our smartphones.


i dont know how to do any of that.


We will just have to help you then. You have to be careful on who you let help cause some will insert nudies every page or so.


hmmm.... some pages need to be fill in the blank and re usable...

upvoted and resteemed for you



Awesome useful information!


i posted it for you ;)

Thanks again for more useful information from a person that I know, practices what they preach.


you're welcome :)

Awesome idea for a book.. especially the parts about injuries