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Bueem Noches Steemianos: D. Today I want to teach you how to create your USB Windows installation since not many know this type of tools, except the computer ones;). This is a tool that will come in handy without having to burn a Windows installation DVD.


Before I begin I want to explain what the topic is about. As we all know when installing a Windows or operating system whether Mac, Windows, Linux you need a DVD or cd installation with those files so that our computer from its start through a configuration is able to read the Windows installation interface or Linux and from now on perform the tasks such as: Formatting, giving name to our units among others.


The task of these softwares called "Bootable unit creator" is the same, only that they were designed to facilitate the task by means of a massive USB storage that we all have in our homes starting from the same image of the DVD called "ISO"

So that they do not get confused, the ISO is when we record the installation disc itself to have a copy on the PC in case our DVD is damaged and makes it possible to re-record another without problem.


Rufus is one of the most popular programs to create this type of bootable units, it is a free open source program for all the public. It has a high compatibility with ISO images and file systems, highly recommended since it facilitates the installation of an operating system especially if you are a technician or professional who provides services like these.

Types of file systems


These are the different file systems that exist in a USB drive when we are going to format it in order to pass more information depending on the use.


Function and Creation of the unit

Before creating your unit we must download the software from its official website Rufus Official Page

Once downloaded we will look for where we put it, you just have to open it to start :)

As you can see once opened, nothing else will come out, you just have to enter our USB to be able to visualize the options clearly


Once our USB is inserted in the computer, the program will detect it and we will see information such as: Capacity, name it has, but this is not relevant, You just have to click where I point and click: D.

We will have to find our iso image either downloaded or that we created from our installation DVD, and select it in order to continue.

In this case I have taken a 32-bit Windows 10 image

Ready, you just have to click to start to start the creation, you have to take into account that the data will be deleted so that they support information that is important.

The process can take 15m or 5m depending on our computer and the speed of the USB memory

Well friends, that's all, it's not complicated just that you have to do everything step by step and quietly. I highly recommend this software because it helps us both to avoid costs and above all to facilitate our work as engineers or specialists in systems.

As you can see, I do not teach you specifically how to install an operating system, I only teach you how to create a unit to install it yourself, soon I will do a tutorial on how to boot a DVD or USB to install an operating system.

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Images of the tutorial were taken from my personal computer, Remember that if you have any questions I can help you from the comments :)

Thanks for reading And I hope you have acquired knowledge. What is the most important thing in this community that we all know and help us with: D

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Very good information friend :)

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