Free Streaming Guitar Lesson Around 7 PM EST Wednesdays Here for 5 Minutes Will Stay Longer if People Actually Have Questions

in education •  6 months ago

Hey everyone here for 5 minutes if anyone has anything to talk about will stay longer. If you miss this try to find this around this time or closer to 7 PM EST next Wednesday. In the interim check out LearnGuitar.GA which is a the learn guitar initiatives free website. Free domain from Free Hosting from Heroku. You can check out the code below and can check out, which was the main resource I used to become familiar with Django. Below is the code respository.

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Hey @fatkat! Great to see that you have made the shift, and are now CONSISTENTLY making maximum use of your time in these live sessions. As I said, I am listening ANYWAY, as it is a nice accompaniment to my necessary "tea breaks" from my transcription/marketing work, but given the choose of watching you just sit there bored versus PACKING these transmission with some DEEP philosophical analysis, I choose the latter HANDS-DOWN. On the issue of subjectivity, I think the CORE point you are getting to is that the issue of subjectivity, and how it SUBVERTS "honest journalism" ultimately comes down to the issue of PSYCHOLOGY. That is, more specifically, the concept of PERSONALITY TRAITS. For example, "trait opennes" is a MAJOR personality aspect which, I have come to believe, is what creates the POTENTIAL for people to be open examining/realizing the naturally subjective nature of their experience. I believe that the FOUNDATION of #fakenews is the natue of the human mind to DECEIVE ITSELF through various coping/defense mechanism which then manifest collectively in the PHENOMENON of "fake news". Something to ponder. Keep up the good work, and also, if you get a chance, I have TWO more spots to fill (within the 92 hour referral deadline) for the "Initiative Q" airdrop. I have vetted the whitepaper info, and this appears very promising. Here i my referral link. It takes one minute to join, and you will then be allowed to refer up to FIVE people within 92 hours. It would be nice to have you in my network on this one. No pressure, but don't think this is one we will want to have missed out on :



thx I joined, but I didnt like how they laid out everything so didnt invite anyone I know. It seemed like the way it was phrased that one got the total amount just for signing up then they explained what it meant afterwards. Thanks for the fiats hopefully. If it works out and they turn into USD value, and if there isn't hyperinflation at that time, I will try to buy you a nice mountain bike.


Yeah, that's all you need to do; sign up and claim your free fiat. You can also take a look at the several pages of FAQ and general info. They don't have a proper PDF version white paper, but there is enough info there to be interesting and informative. They seem to have some smart people behind the project. Hah! Yeah. When I first read your comment about buying me a new mountain bike I laughed, but then I realized what poor condition my current one is in, and if thins one indeed achieves the stated goal of "each Q being worth $1 USD" I might actually take you up on that! Perhaps I could go for a carbon frame this time. What can I say, I'm high maintanence... at least when it comes to my "metal horse"...

hello bro i want to contact you so please msg me on telegram


I dont understand, why me? Have you sent this communique to others?