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This is my first post here. And as a student i don't have the time to research what i want to talk about deep enough to present you with all the numbers. But i want to talk about something that is definitely not fair and also not acceptable in my opinion about the German school system.
For all those, who never visited a German school: We have three major kinds of schools, besides the not otherwise not mentioned by me "Förderschule" for mainly retarded people:
"Hauptschule", which is the general least education you should manage to aquire
"Realschule", which is like a mediocre education that should open you up to more advanced training like at a bank and
"Gymnasium", which mainly is supposed to generate the future "elite" of Germany by educating those, who want to go study in their future.
I really have a problem with how the system is built up right now. Even though those, who graduated the "Gymnasium", which is called "Abitur", are supposed to go study, there is many of them going to training in banks and other more advanced places for training. Also, there is a big rise in students graduating from those Gymnasiums, making it harder for others to enter the labour market. This is due to those "Abiturienten" taking many higher kinds of training away from "Realschüler". This increases the competition in less academic trainings as becoming a baker, which shouldn't be a problem for those acquiring the lowest of graduations, the "Hauptschulabschluss". Now those who graduated the "Realschule" are forced to take the worse positions, increasing the competition for those only graduating the "Hauptschule".
This clash of educations is also fueled by parents in Germany pushing their children to go to the Gymnasium in order to find a better job. It really increases your chances, which is where those parents are actually right. But forcing their children to attend those schools meant for higher education makes the education there lower in quality as many schools are going for an "help the worst" instead of "encourage the best" approach.
This lowers the quality of education for those, who really want to attend a university, which my professors in my first Study, which was math, complained about, whilst making it harder for those, who graduate the "Realschule" to get an adequate training position. This also decreases the chances for those, who only attended the "Hauptschule", forcing them into a hopeless cycle of applying for jobs and getting refused to work their, making our lowest form of graduation a joke rather than a proper graduation. And this is exactly what grinds my gears.
You shouldn't be able to scare your children with tales about "Hauptschüler" that can't find work. You shouldn't need the medium education to even get the easiest to do job possible. Those are jobs that should be done by a class of graduations lower than those that actually end up doing them.
I as a student am not trapped in this cycle of stupid parents making politics making higher education being easier for stupid children to reach, but i certainly am observing this dangerous cycle destroying the hopes of those, who should be able to score job offers in sectors where your school grade shouldn't be much of a problem. For example a baker shouldn't be forced to get our middle education as it's certainly not necessary for any of his tasks. Mixing dough and baking it is definitely not affected by your capabilities of the German Language for example, still this can be what causes you to not graduate the "Realschule", which in turn disqualifies you from a training in this field.
To feed you some numbers as well, in Germany, there is on average 52.8% who get any kind of "Abitur", of which 41% went to the aforementioned "Gymnasium" and 11.8% who went to a "Berufsschule" which can, besides preparing you for work, give you the "Fachabitur", which is an "Abitur" restricted to certain areas. This increases your chance for a fitting training enormously and also enables you to go study in those fields. This quota is obviously way to high and makes life only harder for those "Hauptschul"-graduates.
At least there is one hope and that's the so called "babyboomers" to finally retire opening up enough spots for those who can't find a job. On the other hand automation will decrease the total number of jobs until then enough to still fear for our worst educated members of society.
In conclusion i want to finish with this:
WE DON'T NEED MORE "ABITURIENTEN"! There is already enough of them!
We need better education for all schools, especially those attending a "Gymnasium" need more quality of education as professors already complain.
We need less graduates of the "Gymnasium", "Abiturienten", as those block out many competitors from schools that were originally intended to get you into higher trainee jobs.
We need a higher quality of teaching in our "Haupotschule" as those schools should again be able to provide our economy with basic workforce no matter what their grades in unrelated subjects were.

For all German readers unable to understand this: You proof my point at leat partially as education here has dropped in generall
To all those from englisch speaking countries: please correct any grammatical errors as i am certainly going to profit from this.
to all non German readers: Please write me about how the education system works in your country as i'm interested int this.
To all owner of a start-up: I'd certainly be glad to take up a real work besides my studies.


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