What's Your Identity?

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What I have come to learn so far is that, your identity sells you out. Whatever you portray is what makes your identity.

In the business world, it is not who you are, that is your name. It is about what you are, what you portray.

Today is the Sabbath day, thus Christ would be a perfect example. While Christ was alive, what he portrayed was what attracted audience to him. He had an identity, to cast out demons, to heal the sick, to pray, to talk about God and his kingdom.

When one of the Pharisee went to meet him at night, he went because of his identity. He went because he needed an answer about the Kingdom of God and Christ has always talk about this kingdom.

Nobody went to Christ because his name was Jesus, and his second name was Emmanuel and his surname was Joseph. They went because of his identity.

Do you have an identity?
Do you have something has represents you?
Can a person ask for your help because of what you portray?

Forget about your name and surname. Great men today were first known for what they had

For the solution they could provide

Nobody would have known Brian Tracy for him just bearing that name. We know him today, because he has an identity and that identity is the bigger picture.

When you hear some names today, the picture of what they grows in your mind.

Get an identity

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