The joy of being wrong

in education •  3 years ago 

You know what? It's actually kind of exciting and fun to be wrong.

I don't usually learn too much from being right- other than how others will react to it. That's kind of boring.

But, when I'm wrong, it opens up a whole world of possibilities to learn from. How can that not be thrilling?

Some of the times I have discovered I was wrong have led to some of the best things I've experienced. Some of the most mind-blowing revelations.

How can other people seem to not feel that way about the chance to learn more?

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it's ironic how being wrong becomes fun. Though it's true that we learn from our mistake, it's still best to do what is right. Sorry for my opinion...

It's definitely good to be right, but you won't learn much that way. And, unless you can accept when you are wrong, you may never be right.