We Need Critical Thinking

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Critical Thinking is a wonderful skill that we human beings can develop, a great advantage that will allow us to grow as people and therefore will help us a lot in the personal and professional field, it is also important because of the benefit that a society can obtain due to the people who develop this skill, today we will talk about Critical Thinking and why we need it.


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In life it is normal to find people who make decisions and formulate opinions without previously doing research on a particular subject and only keep the opinions and "visions" that others share with them. The importance of critical thinking is to be able to formulate a thought taking into account all the visions of a particular subject or problem, to have the ability to evaluate situations, to reason what to do or what to say and in this way to be able to solve problems is something that should be taught in schools as a subject.

Unfortunately this is not the case, at least in the third world and some parts of the first world, critical thinking as a subject is not something that has been given much importance and is a pity, considering that the people who develop this type of thinking are the ones who make the best decisions in the personal and work environment and therefore are the ones who can generate more benefits to a society statistically speaking. There are iconic examples of the thousands and thousands of them, but to name a few, Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton would not have been able to change the world without their intelligence and critical thinking.


Developing critical thinking translates into multiple advantages such as, for example, it will make you better in debates because you will be able to argue better and find "flaws" in rival arguments, it can be the difference between failing and being successful, because a decision intelligently taken on many occasions can be the big difference between achieving something special or not achieving it, critical thinkers are able to make better strategic and more effective decisions based on the evidence in front of them, not what they're told by others or assumption they made. Among other things, it is at the same time something that would "keep you away" from most people because critical thinking is something that not everyone has been able to develop.

It is very important because it is never "good" to accept anything as a fact without first doing some research and being curious about it, information is power and it is important to contrast them in order to have a broader view of the world and an even broader thought, the evidence is very important, or rather, it is key. Because being a skill that you can constantly improve will help you to reason, solve problems, make you smarter, more informed and less ignorant, in short, make you a better person. It is necessary to bear in mind that the thought once developed notably affects everything we do, our creativity, our thinking in general, the way in which we understand things, perform self-criticism, so it is very important to have a clear and rational thinking.


Something that I personally like is that people who develop this kind of thinking put logic before all other things, this seems to me to be essential for human development and our civilization, today we can see how many people are based on sentimentalism and lack of reason to perform actions or say things that if they thought in a clear and rational way would not do so, They would not even think of doing so and that is why I think it is regrettable that the educational systems around the world do not give the importance they deserve to the search to develop this thinking in their students, this would represent a substantial improvement in the quality of people we would have in society and consequently everything would be better, people would make better decisions, think in a clearer and more intelligent way and would not vote for so many populists who base their discourse on lies and appeal to feelings to win votes.

We need Critical Thinking, it is one of the best friends we could have and without a doubt the ability to develop and constantly improve it would make us better people and that is what we should aspire to, to be better people, I have always said that if you end the day and consider that you are not a better person than yesterday then you failed in your day. The world and our societies are crying out for smarter and more rational minds, we have to start with ourselves and read, analyze and inform ourselves to develop this ability and thereby improve society and ourselves. Thanks for reading, Peace!


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Critical thinking is what has driven progress for millennia. Questioning conventions and analyzing ideas with your own brain instead of being led by others is a skill that is truly becoming endangered. I’m a teacher and it is so frustrating to see how infrequently the students challenge ideas and find their own views on a topic. (Although I’m doing my job to try to change that).

Those rational and smarter minds that people are crying out for are becoming more and more accessible. Hopefully they are found by enough young people in time.

It was a pleasure reading your post my friend.


Keep doing the good job!, thanks for sharing your thoughts newcastle, I say the same. Thanks for your comment! ^^

Great way how you break your idea down in the post. The educational system will never strive for critical thinking. Because the first moment students will start using critical thinking, they spot all the flaws the society systems have. And they will eventually end up realizing that there's no need for government anymore.

But sadly, people are comfortable with it. It's the programming that has been passed generation after generation. They don't enlighten people anymore. They just create a copy... a replica to be inserted into the idiotic society.


Sadly you are right my friend. Government's best friend is ignorance, therefore, education and knowledge is not. The Educative System is a joke. Thanks for your comment and sharing your thoughts!

Critical thinking is awesome. So is emotional maturity thinking when appropriate. There is however a very real problem with critical thinking that many critical thinkers are unaware of. When considering the source one must know and apply experience. In truth in today's world there are no credible sources. Thus the application of hyper skepticism distracts people from the solution, which is experiment.

Many will say, but I don't have time or I don't know how, or that is too hard. Truth is however in those things that you cannot do an experiment you also have another condition which for most living beings is unacceptable. That condition is often expressed as "I Don't Know"

Really nice post bro!


Thank you Denver!, as always I like to read your thoughts ^^

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