IQ And EQ Can Increase The interest And Concentration of Child's Learning And Activity

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Many studies and research have proven that IQ has a large role in the learning success of child, but the success of a child not only is determined by mere IQ. But the success of a child influenced by many factors, in meaning that the success of a child not just because factor intelligent purely, but also emotional factors play a large role takes part in the success of one's child.

The success of the child could not be judged from the child's abilities in writing and was able to solve a math problem, but also must look the social emotions and the size, and how the child controlling the urge to do naughty, annoying, follow instructions and recognize an interest of its own. And because that, Child's readiness for school entry largely determine how to learn of the child.

Emotion is a reaction to a person or event. Basically, emotion is the impulse to act which affects an immediate reaction to a problem or event.

A child who has intelligent emotions will be able to overcome the problems he faces because emotions affect the actions of child how to overcome the problem, self-control, passion, diligent and able to motivate yourself to learn. Children motivated by internal motivation will be more concentration in learning.

Intrinsic motivation derived from within the child, with the Intrinsic motivation, a child will able to control himself well, a child can manage own daily activities, and children will recognize the speed of learning and better understand what the purpose and benefits of learning.

In general, children who have emotional intelligence  is able to optimize achievement because driven by a large learning motivation. A child's intelligence is not only supported by high cognitive intelligence alone. high cognitive intelligence will not be meaningful if the accomplishment of a clever child in school is always not good, because of learning lazy factors, cannot concentrate so that the potential has that's by him not materialized to the optimize.

An emotionally intelligent child has an interest, from an early age the child already has a sense of curiosity and more focused on doing his duties and understand it. A child with emotional intelligence have a fixed interest and he always strives to do activities that suit his interests.

In addition, the child also has concentration. Emotionally intelligent of the child will make child focus and concentration in learning and not easily affected by the momentary situation. because of his ability to concentrate not only on classroom lessons but also on all the activities he is currently undertaking. Thus such a child in learning and doing activities with diligence, and able to demonstrate the efficiency and effectiveness of its work. A child is clever at using time so that time is not much wasted and the results of learning or work obtained will be satisfactory.

In general, a child with a high cognitive intelligence and high emotional intelligence into the child who is favored by many people and is able to be manifest themselves with optimal. So as parents and teachers should have the ability to develop IQ and EQ children so that they become a successful and successful child.

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