Thomas Edison - The Influence of a Mother.

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Do we as mothers see the potential in our children and help them realize it by motivating them and pushing a little harder?

When I read this story on Facebook a few years ago, the first thing which came to my mind as a teacher was: "If only more mothers will realize and believe in their children's potential and not sell them short." I had tears in my eyes and if I could have hugged Edison's mother, I would have. What a wonderful mother, an example for us all to never give up!

What triggered this emotion was that I got quite an eye opener on my first parents evening meeting, while teaching at a private junior school. For a duration of 4 hours, I had to hear how parents were complacent with their children only receiving a passing grade as they felt that this was the best their child could achieve.

As a mother myself of four children, I was furious, because I always felt you need to evaluate your children's abilities, and if they underachieve you should find ways to motivate and support them to reach their potential. I kept my calm, and told most of these parents that I feel they are underestimating their children's abilities.

I was determined to show these parents that their children can do so much better, if you lovingly motivate them, help them to see their own potential and believing in themselves. My determination payed off, a few of these students which were nearly failing, achieved +50% in their mid year exams and for their finals they received +60%.

I want to challenge parents to recognize their children's abilities, help them understand it, motivate them and push them lovingly to work harder to achieve their full potential.

Anything is possible if you believe and work hard!!!

Keep loving, smiling, reading, writing and voting!!!


Honestly, I neutral about Edison, but this posting tell about his mother so I appriacte it by upvoted. Anyway I prefer like Nicholas Tesla than Edison, but I admitted that Edison also one of great inventor. Nice ! :)

Thank you happyphoenix, I truly appreciate your support. I used Edison in the heading so people will be drawn to the actual content but it is actually about his mother believing in him.

Without Nikola Tesla, Edison would be nothing.

Very true artific, thank you for your reply.

I really enjoyed reading this wonderful article. I moved away from my dream island Bali to take care of my 92 years young mother. Nice to meet you . Followed and REsteemed.

Beautiful, you are such a wonderful and loving person. You will be blessed for your sacrifice and service. I know it cannot be easy most of the time, as I am also looking after my 78 year young mother, I often find her quite demanding and challenging, but she did raise me and gave up a lot for me. I will always be indebted to her. Thank you for your support, I appreciate it with all my heart.

Its a huge challenge indeed but also a blessing to have that quality time together. It feels more rewarding than anything else at the moment. I wish to be a good example for my 22 years old daughter I miss a lot. Since she got her first boyfriend she is consumed by her own experience she needs to make just like I did. #circleoflife !

You are a great mother. The best way to teach your children is by your example. None of my boys started dating yet, so that is still unfamiliar territory to me. I hope this boyfriend is good to her and that she will always make time for her loving mother. Enjoy a wonderful weekend.

Thank you , I try but not always as easy as I thought :) I am proud of my Girl.
Enjoy your weekend as well.